Slight Website Tweaks

I have made a couple of tweaks today–hopefully not anything that is very noticeable.

The fonts on the right margin have been reduced 1 font size. I am always looking to gain ‘space’ and I a trying to squeeze in some new stuff on the right margin. Hopefully this is not too small for folks.

2ndly – today David and mcg were discussing a weird situation that popped up before, but I couldn’t isolate the issue, but this time they noted the issue more precisely so I could address it. When you are commenting there was a block that said “website”–honestly I don’t even know what it was for–some default setting I guess. Anyway when anything was put in that box it converted into a link which attached to the commenter’s name. This was not harmful, not any security issue, but it was annoying. The box ‘website’ has been eliminated so that annoyance should go away.

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