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Let’s Do It!!

Let’s Do It!!

That is what I have to tell myself each day to force myself to buy riskier assets than I really want to hold.

Like many of you I have piled up cash positions that are too high–that means around 30% and I will have a few more percentages coming in when the Kayne Anderson 3.50% issue (KYN-F) money comes in on redemption. New issues being offered are either too low in coupon or simply are not issues that are really in my wheelhouse–i.e. too high of a perceived risk.

So each day I have to force myself into riskier assets. Actually I don’t have to–but I want to–I think it is the right thing to do even though it doesn’t always feel good.

Given that I have 50-60% of my funds in base portfolio positions that I have held for a long time it makes some sense to ‘force’ myself out into risk.

I certainly don’t think that others should move out to riskier assets–each person has their own needs.

Here is what I have forced myself to do in the last week or so.

I bought ($25.43) a full position in TravelCenters 8% baby bonds (TANNL). The issue goes ex on 2/13 for 50 cents. There is a bit of call risk–but there is a 8.25% issue that is callable which would go first and it is likely these won’t be called anyway (although one never, ever knows for sure).

I bought ($25.71) a full position in B Riley 6.75% baby bonds (RILYO). The issue just went ex for 42 cents a few days ago–I bought before the ex date.

This morning I bought ($25.09) a position in UMH Properties 6.37% perpetual (UMH-D). The issue will go ex on 2/14 for 40 cents.

Each of these had other issues that could have been bought, but considering YTC, ex dates etc. these seemed the best for me at this time–other folks may look at things differently.

I won’t likely hold long term on these issues, but would like to realize a 1-2% short term gain before considering selling them.

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