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“Reply Link” Not Adequate

There have been some comments about the ‘Reply Link’ disappearing in the comments sections.

My research has found that the current website setup allows for only 10 comments in reply to an initial comment before the ‘reply’ link disappears. I don’t remember this being an issue before–or maybe it was and I missed it.

Regardless the setting only allows 10 at a max–this can be changed but it will require a bit of coding to fix–and while there is a chance I could do it myself I will get it on the list for a ‘pro’ to do. I don’t want a 69 year old doofus (me) messing with the website code.

So for the moment please bear with me until we can get it adjusted.

16 thoughts on ““Reply Link” Not Adequate”

  1. Thank you for all you do for us.

    I know there has been a lot of talk about “search”. One thought – the current search would be much more useful if it just returned results in reverse date order. i suspect most people are looking for reasonably recent things, so “newest first” would be helpful – but even those looking for older things could stop hunting through (seemingly) random search results.

    I haven’t been a coder in a bunch of years, but I would think it would be pretty simple to insert a sort of results. (“just a small matter of programming”” as my boss used to say when people proposed huge projects in simple terms…)

    1. Hi peppino—just tried it and it worked fine for me. Tell me more on what you see broken so I can check it.

        1. If you are talking previous to that date there is no data–list starts 10/4/2021. I keep this to about a year.

          1. I’m absolutely sure the list was longer and there were no black lines.
            Now, when I scroll the list, the last part is all empty.
            It seems an Error to me. Maybe it’s just my browser.

          2. The last line is I see is this one:
            10/4/2021 Healthcare Trust Inc Preferred HTIBP NASDAQ 7.125% $20.03 -$0.62 8.893% No
            for example I cannot find the Ready Capital prefs and I’m absolutely sure there was one before.
            That’s strange…

  2. Tim, Suggesting no fix is necessary. The “ten levels limit” reached today was not after ten replies to a single post, but rather at the tenth “reply to a reply to a reply”.

    “Reply to a reply to a reply…” indents once again at each new post. If the reply to a reply limit was increased you’d eventually run right off the right side of the page hahahaha.

    1st world problem, no big deal.

    1. Thanks Alpha. You’re likely right. I’ll put it on the list but as non urgent.

    2. The real issue may be that you now have more posters than in the past. One problem though is finding old posts. I’m not sure how or if you can facilitate that but if you could it would be helpful. Perhaps your coder can kill two birds with one stone so to speak. In all events, we value the site and it is not a major issue. best SC

      1. A website simply inserts a box that opens up Google with search criteria typed in the box and adds site:innovativeincomeinvestor.com to the end.


        1. @fc very nice tip. Also with Google search tools the search can be limited to past day, week, month or year. Tried it and it worked.

      2. sc–yes this has been discussed since day 1 I think. We have tried a few options without luck in the past but will get it on the list again. The site has had well over 100,000 (not sure of the number because we used to clear them off when pages got too long–I no longer do that–just have shorter pages) comments. Even with just 40,000 to 50,000 comments maintained on the site it can be really tough to find old stuff.

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