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Quick Note on Comment Removal

I just removed a few comments from the Sandbox–thanks to those that ‘called out’ the poster on political type comments. Sometimes a new person thinks they are on the old ‘Yahoo’–it isn’t the old Yahoo so politics has no real place in the comment stream

Just notice that when I remove a comment that all comments in response to the offending comment also are removed–so those folks calling out the poster had their comments removed–just the way WordPress works I guess.

9 thoughts on “Quick Note on Comment Removal”

  1. In the forefront to investing has been the Fed, inflation , debt and interest rates. In the background pushing fore warn is this new horizon of financial dis-engagement with autocratic regimes. Hard too imagine wanting to invest in infrastructure with your “enemy”? long term may impact the short term investor.

  2. Lipper reports that 18 billion dollars have been taken out of high yield bond funds in the last seven weeks. It appears that the bond fund redemptions appear to be a significant cause for the down turn in our preferred stocks and bonds since the beginning of the year (along with the Fed talk of raising interest rates and pundit commentary)
    Is anyone worried that the world is so dependent on Russia for oil and one of the two main pipelines Russia depends on for billions of dollars per day sits on Ukraine soil???. The other pipeline is in the Belarus. Long pipelines are very hard to defend from guerilla attack. Ukraine was receiving 2 Billion per year from Putin for protecting the pipeline. Not a lot of incentive now to protect the pipeline today. The Belarus pipeline also is very hard to defend
    due to the long route of the pipeline. There may be a very big mess to the stock and bond markets even if Russia takes over the Ukraine capital.
    If the pipelines are destroyed, there are going to be hundreds of millions of Russians with very few rubles coming in and little food imports arriving.
    Warren Buffet’s quote of Number 1 rule of the stock market: Don’t lose money seems to very pertinent to the situation right now.

    1. Hi John–will look. We are at the mercy of Google and some others have noted it off and on being behind (or incorrect).

  3. Hey Tim,
    On your baby bond page you have a bad dividend for HTFB, which is giving an incorrect current yield. Dividend is $0.30469/Q not $0.39.

    1. Chris W–just checked it and it is correct–the one just above it is 39 cents. You must be looking at the short maturity page where it was incorrect–I have fixed–thanks for the heads up.

  4. I need to try a different device but the sandbox page seems somewhat broken on my cell phone.

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