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Public Storage Prices New Preferred Stock Issue – Ticker Update

The OTC grey market ticker is PASQV. Look for this to change in a day or so to PASQP (just guessing).

Storage giant REIT Public Storage (PSA) has priced a new issue of preferred stock.

The issue prices at 3.95% for 5 million shares with another 750,000 shares available for over allotment. This is not a typical PSA issue as it is much smaller.

Of course the issue is strongly investment grade with BBB+ from S&P and A3 from Moody’s.

The company may use the proceeds to redeem the 4.90% PSA-E issue which becomes redeemable on 10/14/2021, although the PSA-E issue is much larger than the new issue (14 million shares).

The OTC grey market ticker has not been announced.

The pricing term sheet is here.

The preliminary prospectus is here.

J was on this one early this morning.

17 thoughts on “Public Storage Prices New Preferred Stock Issue – Ticker Update”

  1. Based on where that new JPM preferred is trading; this one should be under par out of the gate.

    1. mbg,

      How did you find that link at the FINRA website? That site in not very intuitive at all and I was not able to find it starting at FINRA initial web page…

      Anyway, Thanks for the link…


      1. You’re welcome, KJN.

        I got it from another poster here, just as you got it from me.
        Nice, isn’t it? Bypasses the search on FINRA’s site.

      1. Guess I missed that one. Usually if it’s PSA or PSB it runs to the moon no matter what it pays.

      2. I am done with PSA. Threw in the towel a few weeks ago on P after picking up maybe a quarter or slightly less per share. Tired of it spinning its wheels. And if rates are going to rise some, I dont exactly need this 4% perpetual as a permanent addition.

        1. Thats funny Grid–I did the same thing–just wanted 1.5% or so. Finally took my 1% and exited.

          1. Ok, Tim, you forced me to do the math. You thumped me, I got not quite 0.9%. Based on PSA-J, I has visions of a nice 3-4% flip. Lets just say that didnt happen, ha.

            1. Aggravating when you can’t even get your flip done before the company is pumping out a new issue.

        2. I’m still riding that horse. Going for the record of the slowest flip in history. I’m sure the new issue will pass PSA-P just to spite me.

          1. FWIW, PSA-P seems clearly the best value of the PSA issues. For example, both PSA-N and PSA-O, with lower coupons and less call protection, are trading higher. I’m holding here too. We’ll see.

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