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Priority Income Fund Prices Term Preferred Issue.

Non traded Closed End Fund (CEF) Priority Income Fund has priced their new term preferred share issue.

The issue prices at 6.00% for 1.4 million share with 200,000 available for over allotments.

The issue will have a mandatory redemption on 12/31/2028 with an optional redemption available to the company starting on 8/10/2024.

The OTC grey market ticker has not been announced.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

7 thoughts on “Priority Income Fund Prices Term Preferred Issue.”

  1. PRIF-A is trading at 25.17 at the moment. The last dividend of 39.84 cents was 45 days away. Won’t the final dividend be higher than 17 cents when it is called as part of this new release?

  2. Hi!

    The information above gives a mandatory redemption date but Perpetual is marked “Yes”.

    1. Its sister issue is trading at $25.30 but it opened weak when it first came to market. I bought this one in the $24.70’s.

      But I am not a good trader like a lot of folks here.

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