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4 thoughts on “Out of Office”

  1. Sir,
    I am very new at this; so new that I do even have a cutsie nickname.
    I do not quite understand how this works; but I very much appreciate what you are doing.
    Thank you, and enjoy your time off.
    George Tyson

    1. Dr Tyson
      This is a website that presents unbiased financial information and comments by folks that, for the most part, have no agenda; in fact, just the opposite, they are willing to share in a helpful and non-critical manner. The comments relate to the categories displayed on the right hand side, although the primary issues discussed are various types of preferred products. The menu along the top is self explanatory. Clicking on the site’s name at the left top will allow you see each day’s main points by the site’s owner, Tim, and subsequent comments, in date sequence. NEW comments can be entered at the BOTTOM of a discussion by scrolling to the end. REPLIES to comments can be entered right after a displayed comment with a correction period if you make a mistake. Just ask questions in the SANDBOX section for further explanations. Hope you find the site useful, most of us certainly do. Perhaps others on here can add or revise my comments here. Thanks, Howard

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