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7 thoughts on “Out of Office”

  1. You missed a strange day Tim. Hope all is well with you and yours. I myself haven’t been feeling so great, so not much posting (still buying and selling though).

    CORR-A got hammered of course right after I bought it. I was able to buy some additional shares during the day to lower my cost to $22.14 avg. I wanted this stinker to at least get me to an 8% current yield which I achieved.

    I had previously owned this preferred when it was in the teens a while back. It ran up around par recently so I dumped it. The 10Q before the recent one also made me want to say goodbye. It was management’s usual “we suck, but the sun will come out tomorrow”. Whatever, heard that before = sell.

    However, things have changed with energy’s recent strength and the “flations” ha ha. The recent MD&A mentioned the possibility of increased volumes. Most of their previous MD&A’s were about how the market stunk, the quarter stunk, they had a major customer go banko, they did a merger/buyout of another entity, on an on and on….. Comparables going forward will be pretty low, so any volume and/or price increase should help even a mediocre run company like CORR. Even though NI stinks, I think CFO can pay the preferred divvy for now. YMMV DYODD

    1. Ron–all is well–just getting my batteries recharged with a little time off. Thanks for asking.

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