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Non Listed REIT Healthcare Trust Inc. Sells a New Preferred

Non listed REIT Healthcare Trust Inc has priced a new issue of perpetual preferred stock.

The series B preferred prices at 7.125% for 3.2 million shares (with another 480,000 available for over allotment).

Healthcare Trust has a 7.375% perpetual preferred issue outstanding which can be seen here.

The issue should trade on the OTC market under HLTCP soon.

The pricing term sheet can be found here.

Gary was on this one with mbg and Bur Davis chiming in.

3 thoughts on “Non Listed REIT Healthcare Trust Inc. Sells a New Preferred”

  1. The performance of the underlying REIT has been nothing short of an albatross. Healthcare REIT is non traded now but could potentially be listing soon. Their sister REIT “NYC” is down from a basis of $50 to $8 after listing last year. The external manager AR Global has destroyed hundreds of millions in shareholder capital across their numerous programs and are hard to trust.

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