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Nibbled 2 Banking Issues

Today I went ahead and added more shares to a couple of banking issues.

I added some shares of the Heartland Financial 7% fixed rate reset perpetual (HTLFP) with a current yield of 7.65%. I had a position in this issue already so this is a modest addition. Yield to first call on this issue is near 12%–and with a spread of 6.675% (plus the 5 year treasury) on 7/15/2025 one could easily see this get redeemed at that time.

I added the fixed rate issue from Associated Banc-Corp 5.875% perpetual (ASB-E) with a current yield of 9.13%. I scrutinized the presentation that I posted (it is here)–pretty impressive action at the banker to reduce risk-of course one needs to always have their BS detector on when reading company presentations.

So any new issues I add I will go to my list of holdings which I published a month or so ago. I will refresh that list soon and post it.

8 thoughts on “Nibbled 2 Banking Issues”

  1. A head’s up:
    Moody’s (April 21) downgraded ASB, both for overall risks in the banking sector and for some company-specific risks.
    Standard&Poor’s (May 15) affirmed the company’s ratings, but revised it’s ratings outlook from stable to negative.
    Downgraded ASB-E, ASB-F, and ASBA, by one notch:
    1. ASB-E and ASB-F -> from Baa3 (lowest IG rating) to Ba1 (highest speculative rating)
    2. ASBA -> from Baa1 to Baa2
    (QOL still shows the prior ratings).

    Here are the two links:


    1. The market has them “rated” closer to B yield wise. Which is why I liked dabbling in here.

  2. I bought an entry position in ASB-F myself last week. I indulged on the ASB 2033 subordinate note this morning ASBA with a yield over 8.3%. Some positives and negatives in owning this over the preferred. And also I am one of a persuasion that if the company blows up this note will be as worthless as the preferreds would be.

  3. I nibbled on a little HTFC today at $23.40. Baby Bond down on the back of a new equity offering that tanked the common. At $23.40 with about a 4 year maturity, YTM a bit over 8%.

    1. ChrisW–I haven’t even gotten around to scrutinizing BDC baby bonds – probably should do that as I like the short dates to maturity.

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