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New Issues Since 12/11/2020

Below is a snapshot of all new income issues (preferred stock and baby bonds) which have been issued since 12/11/2020–20 issues since that time.

As shown some of the junkier issues have traded stronger than investment grade–a good share of the investment grade issues remain around (or below) $25/share. I suspect the investment grade issues will have trouble gaining too much traction given their very modest coupons in this time of rising interest rates.

50 thoughts on “New Issues Since 12/11/2020”

  1. Tim- considering the number of people who want to post about their vaccine experience perhaps you can start a message link for that purpose. That would give us a nice Facebook kind of feel. Also maybe a place to discuss the weather.

    1. PLEASE NO .. and NO POLITICS either… really?? go to reddit, SA et al for that there are PLENTY of threads to babble on about these off topic things…this is supposed to be a discussion about new issues post 12/2020. I was surprised when I checked in at the ‘discussion’ and the that they were unchecked to be honest Tim given your hopes folks would not venture in the political directions here.

  2. you are all very lucky for the vaccines – up in the frozen north we are still waiting and waiting and waiting … Our govt screwed up big time negotiating with the drug companies. Even being over 60 I’ll be lucky to have a shot by Sept. In our area a lot of Americans have lake front cottages in Ontario but border still remains closed (since last March) so their cottages sit empty (or some rented them out for income as cottage rentals were in huge demand last summer). Hard to say when border will reopen plus the quarantine period etc etc. Stay well looks like Covid vaccines will be annual event like flu shots

    1. Many Canucks took their private jets down to Florida to get the vaccine early. For some reason it was easy for them to get vaccinated there instead of waiting for months up North. . .

      So just hop in your G5 or G7 and head on down!

      1. I’m just looking forward to being able to drive across the border and seeing the Tigers play again (another rebuilding year)

    2. I’m in that odd group left out…young, healthy and non-essential but I really want start enjoying my retirement! I’m not sure if I will ever be in line for a vaccine which is fine as long as they don’t restrict any of my future activities (travel, concerts). I would like to hear about any side effects for those that are fortunate enough to get it!

      1. Hi kitti

        I’m getting my second vaccine dose this afternoon…..so fan no side effects with first dose…..
        I was given PFE…..
        Hope this helps

        1. Thanks Bill, hope this is the cure! oddly enough I took a chance buying Pfizer after Trump kept telling everyone in his last debate about the 4 companies working on a vaccine. It was a 25% chance of being right 🙂

      2. I have been helping manage a Pittsburgh FB group that now has nearly 22,000 members find vaccine appts (they are very decentralized in our area). And I have scheduled over 30 appts for people. Of my 6 family members who had their first shot – most had a sore arm for maybe a day, one a little longer. One got chills and arm soreness a week later (it happens in some people). The first second shot in my family member group starts Friday and I am next Tuesday. From reports in the 22K member group – the second dose can keep you in bed a day – some have stronger reactions than others – soreness, fatigue, etc

        1. Interesting. Does one Vaccine seem to have more adverse reactions than the other.?

          Anecdotal, but from what I have read in NJ is that MRNA one seems to have more side effects than PFE and to more people, especially the 2nd dosage

          1. There hasn’t really been much difference we can ascertain between all the feedback we have received in our group nf people who have gotten the Pfizer vs Moderna vaccines. They both are MRNA based – so they both work in similar fashion and seem to have similar side effects. It can vary a lot by person

  3. Good list, Tim.

    FL seems to be lagging behind on vaccine. We’re of that high risk age and are on a couple of waiting lists, but nothing yet.


  4. AFINO is a good one to arb with AFINP, price difference has varied from nothing to 40 cents.

  5. Joel–know how you feel–but finally I get my first shot tomorrow so am happy about that and already making plans to get out of the house.

    1. Got both of mine. But – you still need to wear a mask. Some loosening for groups here- with precautions.
      Ha- the list is now viewable in my Safari.

      1. being told you have to wear a mask after you have had both vaccine shots is one of the dumbest things I have heard from our government – and I have heard a lot of dumb things

        I am scheduled for my second shot next week and looking forward to getting back out and living normally

        1. As is normal with governmental mandates, the sound bites often do not give the details and if you read the details it becomes more clear.
          I believe the mask issue is that you can still transmit the virus to others even if you are immune due to the vaccination. So the idea is to mask until a majority of people have some sort of immunity, ie. herd immunity.
          Having had the second vac a month ago, I am more than willing to go another few weeks of masks for the sake of my neighbors.

        2. So the vaccine is so You Don’t get Sick, but Scientists are unsure whether or not you can pass the virus to others still. Until enough people are vaccinated; you could pass the virus to others who have Not been inoculated yet.

          1. This is not true. Too many people have bought into the BS being spread by some gov’t officials who simply want power and control. Every other viral vaccine prevents spread and infection. Just because there is no official study about the Covid vaccine on spreading infection yet, doesn’t negate science and how vaccines work. Don’t buy into the gov’t BS

            1. The Trump administration is gone. We now have real adults and scientists in charge. Thank goodness we are now receiving the best advice of public health professionals.

              1. cws – Oh please – without the Trump Admin we would not have the vaccine. And as to public health professionals, the same fraud Fauci that was there under Trump is there under Biden

                1. Lol, Maverick has been spouting politics for 2 days straight, then CWS says something you don’t like and you tell him to stop? Why not tell everyone to stop?

                  1. I made one political comment in response to cws. In retrospect I should not have responded but his comment was pretty egregious and false. But still, I should have been the better person and not responded. Any other posts made were answering questions and responding to comments about the vaccine – a subject I am very attune too given my work in helping senior citizens in my area navigate the system to get registered and answering all their questions with information we obtain from the state and local government and local hospitals / pharmacies.

                    1. And yet, you are spouting political opinion, not fact, casting judgment on Fauci and others and calling CWS comment false (which, demonstrably, it is not.) We all have our experiences and opinions. I love your comments on preferreds Maverick, i value your info and knowledge but let’s all just drop the vaccine talk here, please. No disrespect intended to any of u.

                  2. Franklin – as I already stated – I made one political comment in response to cws. It was in that one comment I gave my opinion of Fauci. In retrospect I should not have responded to cws but his comment was pretty egregious and false. But still, I should have been the better person and not responded so sorry if that disrupted the board

                    As to vaccine discussion in general, Tim is the one who started posting on the subject. If he does not want any more discussion about it, he should let everyone know. But there has always been chit chat on various things here. Not everyone finds every post useful to them. Vaccination is an important subject and I do not think it hurts being educated on it. All the best

                    1. Ok Maverick. I get it. So here’s some chit chat: your comment about Trump and Fauci is ridiculous (and i’m a republican). Maybe you would prefer Dr. Scot Atlas and his ridiculous takes on Covid? Or Trump’s “it’s going to magically disappear”? Truth is people died because Trump didn’t react quickly, didn’t listen to true experts, espoused absurd treatment ideas and the exit polls show the pandemic is the reason he lost the election. So if you want to chat, any time, but when someone expresses the truth don’t pretend that your opinion is fact, when the truth is, your opinion runs counter to the facts and you disparaged someone else despite that.

                    2. Franklin – unlike when I responded to cws’s erroneous statement with my own political take, I will not make the same mistake twice and engage you with yours. Cheers

            2. Maverick61-
              The above mask argument is a good one. You are forgetting that there are also at least 3 variants in the US, and the efficacy of the current vaccines against them is still being evaluated.

              Also- none of the vaccines gives 100% immunity- they are lower, and even then they are used to lessen the severity of the infection.

              Take your chances, but it won’t be contributing to getting covid under control.

        3. Yes the concern is the possibility that a vaccinated person can still carry and transmit to others. I have heard that the scientist are studying this effect to understand if the amount of virus carried by a vaccinated person is enough to infect others or not.

          1. I agree, there is too much unknown, and no other viruses have caused this much grief in a century. Once the facts become clear we may find we could have done less and but it would be terrible to find we could have done more by following simple measures. If we had been more proactive last year the pandemic would never have reached these levels, but there is no convincing non-believers. How hard is it to wear a mask?

            1. I was looking for another Keynes quote, since as any normal functioning adult I am cognizant that my belief may be mistaken and I am open to changing my opinion as the facts change. But I like this quote also:

              The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones. John Maynard Keynes

            2. Wearing a mask would have greatly reduced transmission. That’s a scientific fact. Science knows no political agenda.

      2. Gary–in Minnesota they want to legislate masks–the state where nothing fun is allowed.

    2. I am on 4 acres on a lake and will think about the shot in the future. I am waiting to see if the shots start creating the zombie apocalypse first. I already bought a maul, and 2 axes. I not only need to cut some wood, but just in case I need to play Francis in Left 4 Dead…

      1. Mr. C, I will get mine sometime. Im at the back of the bus so it doesnt matter. I got it last October, basically was a nothing burger for me. My live in got in December and it was the worst week of her life she said. Being immune, I was around her the entire time maskless, so my antibodies have been rebooted from that adventure. Definitely doing the one shot J&J one. Aint got no time for 2 shots!

    3. Got both of my shots now, the last being two weeks ago. Watch out for the second one, about 1 in 4 feel pretty bad. I “won” the lottery and got body aches, no energy, and a slight fever for about a day and a half. Basically felt like something the cat dragged in. Well worth it though just for the improved mental outlook. No longer feeling apprehensive when out and about.

      1. DJ–yes I am a bit concerned–but we swore off traveling until we got our shots so am looking forward to getting out a bit more.

        1. Travel? What’s that! Our out and about for us is the grocery store and what we need to keep the house alive. Our dance club has not met in a year now as virtually all of the members are at high risk for Covid. No out to eat, no movies, no vacations to the beach or mountains. Haven’t seen my son who lives in NY for over a year. It is miserable and I am ready for it to go away! I set up an indoor bicycling center with a smart trainer and am in better shape than I have been in a while. I also began classical guitar lessons with a university faculty instructor via Zoom. Always had this dream of becoming a guitarist and think it just might come true. Those two things plus managing my retirement portfolio through this website have kept me sane. Followed you over from the other website. This his website has really helped to provide me a nice retirement income as I have been self employed for decades and have a fat zero for pension income. Don’t need it though as I was a good boy who always contributed every year and managed it well! Really enjoy reading the posts of all the contributors as well as your articles. It is nice to know there are still decent folks out there.

    4. Let me chip in here with what some are espousing, Think of the 1st shot as a message to the body that Covid exists. The 2nd shot is the body believeing you have Covid and really starting to develop antibodies. Two weeks after the 2nd shot, is when you really have protection. Are those that espouse this correct? I do not know. I had my 1st shot (a week ago). This is what I am following.

      1. Steve,
        I think that is correct–but as they vaccinate more people, I also think they are discovering that the first shot may give more protection than initially thought. I haven’t seen the details on JNJ single does vaccine, but it sounds promising.
        I suspect the covid vaccine will be a yearly one, much like the one for influenza, where the experts try to guess what the most likely strains will be for the upcoming season, but even if the strain selection is wrong, it still reduces symptoms. The amount of knowledge gained in producing these vaccines will be paying dividends in reducing morbidity and mortality in the years to come. Cheers!

        1. Not to disparge anybody because COVID is new and tricky. So it is not realistic that they truly understand it. I tend to think the above is correct including the JNJ information. JNJ is engineered much differently than Moderna and Pzifer. I have seen some info. that it may be more effective against South African strain than Moderna and Pzifer.

          BTW : Side commentary. I got my vaccine through Walgreens. Walgreens website allows you to enter a zip (yours presumably) and it tells you if a vaccine is available within 25 miles of your zip. CVS on the other hand, lists the cities where they offer it within your state so you can pick how far you want to drive. Walgreens is a issue and an oppoortunity. I came up with a list of zipcodes that I was willing to drive to. I randomly entered those zips and low & behold they had an opening within what I considered driving distance. Just an idea for those who are trying Walgreens and not getting an appointment

      2. Steve, the israeli’s would tell you that position is not entirely correct. The Israel Ministry of Health recently released some data (and they are the furthest along in vaccinating their entire country) showing:

        85% effectiveness after 1st dose of Pfizer vaccine

        And yes there is even higher effectiveness 14 days after 2nd dose. Effectiveness:
        95.8% at preventing infection
        98% at preventing symptoms
        98.9% at preventing hospitalisations
        99.2% at stopping serious disease
        98.9% at preventing death

        1. Certainly conflicting views. Irasel data is most aggressive I have seen. I will go with the one I talked about. If Irasel is right, I will still be good. 2 weeks after 2nd dose is clearly very conservative. Been hunkered down for a long time. Early April right around the corner. Conservative mirrors my investment approach

          1. Steve – Dj provided a good explanation of why the effectiveness percentages are close. As to the Israeli data, they are the country who has vaccinated more of their population than anyone else and as such, they have been bale to collect data on a very large scale. I believe they measured data from 600,000 people who received the vaccine in their initial study which determined 85% effectiveness after 1 shot.

            Now that said, I too think it is wise to play it safe until you have the second shot. I was not trying to suggest otherwise. Just putting out what the real world data has found so far. My main point was the need for masks should go away after that second shot and the data helps support that

      3. It’s close in that the immune system does begin to build the antibodies etc. needed to combat the virus with the first shot. The reason for the second shot of the Pfizer and Modena vaccine is some folks did not exhibit a sufficient response with the first shot in the clinical trial done last fall. The second one is a “booster” for those folks who did not develop a full response. The reason the second shot often causes some side effects is because your immune system has already created a lot of the antibodies etc. that is produced to battle the virus. The immune system gets temporarily tricked by the second shot and goes to DEFCON 1 for a little while until it sees it is a false alarm. I got the hepatitis vaccine years ago when I did software development in a facility that derived products from blood plasma. There I got the vaccine and then got tested for a response a month afterwards to see if I had a sufficient response or needed another shot. With Covid vaccine on the extremely fast track there was no time to test everybody for antibodies. Quicker to just shoot everyone again. You also must realize the mRNA vaccines have been in development for a long time, years. We got lucky they were very close to clinical trials when Covid came along, else we would still be living with Covid for a long time….. What is different is the remarkable speed the FDA approved emergency use of the vaccines. Since it is approved for emergency use only we are really running a gigantic clinical trial as folks get vaccinated. The FDA has required that a good deal of data be collected to further determine how safe it is and the effectiveness of the vaccine. The Israelites are the leaders in the world right now in vaccinations. The collected data that has been analyzed so far is looking terrific. I work in facility that produces a vaccine for Pneumonia and the water cooler discussion is very interesting at times!

  6. Nice Tim, Thanks for the review. Feel like I was fading in and out in the Twilight of Lockdown. I saw the sun today!

  7. Interesting that it will not show-up on Safari.
    Missing- BWSN
    and not in the categories, but also new- corp units SRCU

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