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New Asset Coverages for Gabelli Funds

Gabelli has posted all of their coverage ratios for the closed end funds (which includes the Bancroft Fund and Ellsworth Growth and Income Fund) for the month ending 11/30/2022.

Closed end funds must have asset coverage on their ‘senior securities’–mainly preferred stock, of 200%.

Gabelli coverage ratios have improved substantially in the last month or two as equity prices have risen.

Of course Gabelli has many CEFs outstanding – all of which can be seen here– along with all preferreds from closed end funds.

The Gabelli page for coverage is here.

3 thoughts on “New Asset Coverages for Gabelli Funds”

  1. Tim,
    Thank you so much for this update. This is good info to have and refer to.

    A study of prospectuses of these type of securities reveals anti takeover provisions which I think offers some protection to preferred securities. REITS by contrast seem to inhabit the Wild West for the most part.

    Thanks again


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