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5 thoughts on “Modiv Inc Prices New Preferred Issue – Ticker Update”

  1. On what basis is this a BBB- quality issue if its yield is that high in this market? Too good to be true?

    1. I like to think of Egan Jones like I think of rare coin grading services. In rare coins you have NGC/PCGS and they are considered the best. You pay a lot for their auth/grading services. Now you can send your coin to other grading services which will do a so-so job and you really do expect an inflated grade to be on the plastic holder. They do manage to authenticate most coins properly so they are not counterfeit but mistakes are made. The cost of this service is lower and it is designed to cater to certain market participants who do not have much knowledge or just want a high grade on a label and a less costly retail price.

      Thus.. Egan Jones… Modiv got exactly what they paid for. BBB- when the other two majors would have said much much lower.

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