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Markets Closed Tomorrow

All markets in the U.S. will be closed on Friday the 10th.

With the long weekend the last 2 hours today has potential for some fireworks–one way or the other. With an OPEC+ video meeting tomorrow the markets are betting on a big cut in production–no matter the size of the cut (if any) it won’t do much for the huge over production of oil and gas globally–domestically we will have lots of bankruptcies in the oil patch.

Today I haven’t done anything–maybe I will look in the last couple hours, but my original plan has been derailed somewhat. While waiting for a market setback to get a little better pricing the FED decides to back stop everyone–welcome to Japan!!! I mean really buying junk bond ETFs – we used to call this the risk/reward–in return for a higher return you take some added risk. NOW you get a higher return with risk being removed.

Regardless of the FED I can’t plunge into this market–add some more issues here and there in a nibbling fashion maybe–but wholesale buying isn’t going to happen.

So off I go to see if there are some issues that I can nibble on a bit.

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