Lots of Great Ideas on New Commenting System

I asked for input on a new commenting system this week and I got lots of good suggestions–of course more good ideas than could ever be implemented in total–but lots of thoughts that can probably be added in.

I will print all the suggestions and then try to match them up to the commenting systems out there and see what might be best.

Also on the topic of commenting I will ‘dial up’ the monitoring of comments. What does that mean?

I have a master page of all comments as I have mentioned before–no matter where on the site a comment is made it shows up on the screen so I will be able to act if necessary.

I ask that everyone be ‘civil’–what does that mean? It is ok to have disagreements, but state your case and move on. We don’t need to have back and forth Pendragon’Y type exchanges (you know back and forth for 100 comments).

The reason I have never made a recommendation on buying a security on this site is because each and every one of us is different–hardly ever is there a right or wrong answer—just the one that works for you.

It seems to me that 100% of people reading the site should be able to comment on their position without any personal attacks–certainly there will be differences of opinions, but they can be stated civilly without personal attacks.

Honestly with over 100,000 comments made there has only been a dozen or two that I know of (and of course I don’t know them all) that should not have been made (in my opinion) and a reasonable person has to be happy with that–there is just no way we are going down the road of the old Yahoo Finance message boards–no way.

30 thoughts on “Lots of Great Ideas on New Commenting System”

  1. This site has excellent posts and posters – thank you Tim and all the posters. It has much helped and improved my prefferreds investing.

    However, in order for it to be far better for those of us who peruse it multiple times a day, I would like to propose a small enhancement. The enhancement is simple – just allow the comments at bottom of each post be sortable – either the way it is in a threaded manner or by descending order of date-time.

    This would be better than perusing the RSS feed of the full site which jumbles comments and many do not make sense out of context

  2. i’ve been buying preferred stocks since 1984. I have to say that this is the best site for quality and timely info on this market that I’ve ever seen. Thank you>

    1. Thanks Dan for you kind words–someday I will be able to put in 6-8 hours a day on the site and then we will really have the info.

  3. Hi Tim, I’m from Italy and I’d like to thank you for your constant work.
    This site is precious source of learning and information for my financial knowledge and my investment in US dollars.

  4. Great site Tim- usually my first read after deciding if the market has crashed or rocketed into space even more.
    I appreciate how much it helps with this side of the income picture.
    Thanks- onward!

  5. Tim – Thank you for your effort. This site has enabled me add fixed income to my portfolio. I always wanted to get income based securities but didn’t want the downside of dividend stocks or REITs (in that part of my portfolio), also I didn’t like the opaqueness of the bond funds. You have introduced me to a new world of fixed income where I can sleep well and not worry too much about these investments. And it would be amiss if I didn’t thank other contributors who share their immense knowledge. I think you are controlling the “civility” aspect quite well. Once again, thank you for your good work

  6. I guess I missed the original discussion on this topic.

    I like things just the way they are. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    I don’t want to see this turn into another SA, whose exploding popularity over the years has attracted a lot of Twitter types with all the negative ramifications that brings, not to mention a proliferation of mediocre authors parroting the same investments. And, all of SA’s “premium” options. Wasn’t always that way–ten years ago it was a clubby group with a small circle of savvy and interesting authors. Now, it’s become all about the $$$$.

    Stay the course.

  7. I will say this. III probably–no, for sure–contains the most helpful information for my situation of any forum I follow. The problem here is finding stuff after it’s scrolled off and been posted on top of.

    I have to use a feeder and star and save whatever I find helpful and then copy it off into a private file to have it available when I need it. No other site I follow requires such machinations.

    So. It would be very helpful if there were an adequate search feature here, one similar to, for example, Silicon Investor’s. There I can search for posters as well as keywords and be sure to find what I’m looking for.

    I’m not certain this platform can have that fine capability for anyone but Tim, as administrator. But it would sure be nice and make it much less cumbersome for the rest of us here.


  8. I’d be in the dark ages with a notebook full of scribbles if it wasn’t for finding this site and where it has helped me just when I needed it!
    Also, the play of other “mature minds” that can challenge and contribute to my ideas for security in a shaky time.
    I have siblings fifteen years older than me and watched parents ride the CD and principal consumption down, but not for us.
    Thanks to Tim and all the knowledge base here!

  9. Thank you for your useful informations. That helps me a lot. I have free times and would like to help for gathering and finding informations as much as I can.

  10. Tim you have a great site, don’t see how much more you can inprove it. At least for us that just like to read what others share.
    Wish I had more time , but too tired the last couple days with this pesky job and stressing on the fire.

  11. I am from Hong Kong, thank you very much for your website:) It helps me a lot! Thank you for all who left comments that i can learn how to play this game! Thank you!

  12. Tim,
    This site is fantastic, thank you for all you do! Keep is Classy is a great mantra to live by and this site has always done just that.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. San Diego–thanks–I try–I long for the day when I can do this all day long.

  13. Tim,
    Thanks for all your work.

    This is my first stop every morning with my coffee.

  14. My favorite site, and one of the few places to get real information and a break from the rudeness of other sites. I hope people continue to offer their opinions on holdings — i value the knowledge of contributors here and have learned a lot. When I post that i have bought or am thinking of buying something, i greatly appreciate the comments that point out things to watch out for or why it may not be (or have been) a good move. Thanks for everything, Tim.

  15. Tim;
    You have created a wonderful site.
    Very educational, and encouraging of learning from each other.
    The sense of community at it’s best shines thru.
    Many thanks for your hard work.

  16. A lot of times the people who complain the most cause the most problems so I have been very happy that Tim hasn’t been running around trying to police everyone.

    Everyone seems to get along fine and there is good camaraderie. There will always be people who are not happy unless they are unhappy. Best not to try placating them.


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