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Lots of Great Ideas on New Commenting System

I asked for input on a new commenting system this week and I got lots of good suggestions–of course more good ideas than could ever be implemented in total–but lots of thoughts that can probably be added in.

I will print all the suggestions and then try to match them up to the commenting systems out there and see what might be best.

Also on the topic of commenting I will ‘dial up’ the monitoring of comments. What does that mean?

I have a master page of all comments as I have mentioned before–no matter where on the site a comment is made it shows up on the screen so I will be able to act if necessary.

I ask that everyone be ‘civil’–what does that mean? It is ok to have disagreements, but state your case and move on. We don’t need to have back and forth Pendragon’Y type exchanges (you know back and forth for 100 comments).

The reason I have never made a recommendation on buying a security on this site is because each and every one of us is different–hardly ever is there a right or wrong answer—just the one that works for you.

It seems to me that 100% of people reading the site should be able to comment on their position without any personal attacks–certainly there will be differences of opinions, but they can be stated civilly without personal attacks.

Honestly with over 100,000 comments made there has only been a dozen or two that I know of (and of course I don’t know them all) that should not have been made (in my opinion) and a reasonable person has to be happy with that–there is just no way we are going down the road of the old Yahoo Finance message boards–no way.

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