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‘Like Button’ Off – Update Back On

As I suspected a little moola fixed the problem. Buttons are back on.

The ‘like button’ for commenting is off temporarily. Thanks Bur for the heads up.

It looks like someone didn’t pay for the upgrade to keep the button on–so the free version is running (which is limited).

I should get it corrected in the next day or two. In the past Chad would always take care of these things, but for the moment (the last year or so) I am the ‘tech person’.

32 thoughts on “‘Like Button’ Off – Update Back On”

  1. @Tim

    Thanks again for your time and effort. It is clear that you love the BB’s and Pfd’s like most of us here.

    I picked up a few of your suggestions when the insurers briefly traded weak. I only regret being so cheap that I wasn’t able to pick up the AEL-B!

    1. You’re welcome NWGG–I didn’t get as much as I should have (with hindsight being 20/20), but am down to 20% cash. We may get further opportunities.

  2. I have been a daily lurker for a few years now and want to chime in on how much i’ve learned from the contributors on here. Thanks Tim and crew.

  3. Hi Tim, Been a proud III “member” for about 5 years when grid dragged me over here from the comment section of an SA article. Can’t thank you enough for the site. Much appreciate you Tim!

    p.s. I’m with fc waiting for that donation button.

  4. I still feel a donation button or link would allow us to buy you many many lunches for your efforts. You really should consider it. Nothing wrong with it.

    1. Tim – you haven’t heard from me in a while, but I’m here everyday … enjoying and learning a ton from you and the good people who tune in to this site.
      Thanks for all that you do. You sir, are a good man, a gentleman, and a sage
      investor/scholar. It is a great to be here.

      Many, many thanks

    2. Following this thread and just want to chime in on the current topic. I, too, have followed Tim for a few years now as his site has moved around a bit. And I just want to say that even though I was once actually a retail stock broker, I never had much experience with the wonderful world of preferred stocks and baby bonds because neither I nor my clients were much interested in them.

      Having reluctantly become an old timer after many years, I’ve learned more than a few things from Tim and from this site’s regular fans and contributors. I, too, have made $$$ on many of the ideas here and still hold many of these preferred stocks which, while occasionally down a bit, have currently made me more money than most tech stocks in this bizarre excuse for a market. Many thanks to you all. And no, the idea of a “tip jar” isn’t a terrible idea if Tim ever decides to actually offer it. Experience and sage advice is priceless, of course, but you won’t get info like this from your average investment firm, and you certainly won’t get much of real use from places like “Seeking Alpha” which has badly declined over many years.

      In short, thanks to all, and particularly Tim, for providing the same kind of sharing community that I once thought the Internet was destined to be. And yeah, I was wrong on THAT call!

  5. I am not sure what that even means Goin2cali.

    I assumed that everyone learned something from everyone else here and it was profitable to have all of the input. I never thought there would be blowback to such an assumption or that people would quibble over it.

    Maybe people are taking issue with the word “tips.” At any rate, I did not mean to give offense or imply anything nefarious if that is what you are getting at.

    1. Scott R:
      After a post-coffee re-reading of your post, I realize that I misread your post. In the pre-coffee read, it came across as snark, that Tim was posting tips and exploiting readers to buy his tips (like the pumpers do on SA) to generate profit. Tim posts results of his research as possibilities to consider, and the postings seem to come well in advance of his purchases. I’ve then done my own research, and I have made money on many of his “tips”, and I have also avoided many losses thanks to his tips. I apologize for misunderstanding your post.

    2. Don’t lose sleep over it Scott R – folks are pretty protective of me I guess.

      1. I am an engineer so I am used to not having the best social skills. Sometimes when I am trying to be nice and complimentary it comes out the wrong way. I am still trying to figure out the right style to interact here. Some of it may be not understanding the implications of certain terminology.

        But I do want to thank Tim for providing this forum.

        And that’s OK Goin2cali. I appreciate the reread.

        1. Scott R:
          LMAO – ditto on the engineer ( civil – retired). I eventually regret everything that I post, and I use my posts as prime examples of why I should never post (or do anything that is marginally social), especially to an investing site where I am (at best) an investor in-training. Shut-up, listen, and learn is the best advice I have given to an EIT, and it is also good for myself as an IIT.

      2. I have followed you for over 5 years, and am a CPA and long time investor, but did not have familiarity with preferred stock and have learned so much from you’re sites. I have also made quite a bit of money thanks to you.
        Was really upset when your previous site changed hands, at which time it was not worth using.
        I for one would be more than willing to pay a subscription for this site.

        Thank you.

  6. Tim – I’ve been following you for years and am truly grateful for all you do. Your down to earth investment insights, portfolio listings and the idea sharing made possible by your site have greatly helped me.
    The best to you,

  7. The Like button does not work on the latest version Mozilla browser on Windows 11. It did not work before your ‘Button Upgrade’. It does work on other browsers on the same machine.

    I do love the site, and ok with LIKE button absent in my browser of choice but passing on feedback in case you can tweak the settings somehow to make it work

    1. Ad-blockers can interfere with Like buttons. Try turning off your Ad-blocker (or script blocker) or adding this site as an exception to it. Also, look at your Firefox settings and see if you can add this site as an exception.

      By the way, Tim: thanks for all your work on this site. It has been immensely useful to me.

      1. Thank you @BearNJ. Yes, it was indeed an Ad-Block software that was preventing the ‘Like Button’

    2. As User @BearNJ noted, it was Ad-Blocker software that prevented the Like button to appear… So, please excuse my earlier post about them not appearing on one of my PCs

  8. Recently found this wonderful site. I am so glad to have the available resources offered here. Love the complete list of baby bonds and preferred stocks, as well as the illiquid securities info provided. Thank you for the service.

  9. Good morning,
    How does one join your premium level and what is the cost?


    1. We try to get Tim to charge for this wonderful site, but he won’t do it! There is no premium level.

    2. WBC, Jr.
      At the present time, there is only one level and it is free; You can read and comment as you wish to. There is no sign up, subscription, etc. Have a good time here.

      1. I have a feeling that Tim makes more money having more people participate and exploiting the knowledge gained thereby than he would if he charged admission and the tips dried up.

        1. Scott R – The shared knowledge of all is a great benefit to me for sure–and everyone else.

          Not sure about ‘tips’ helping me make money–hopefully it helps every one–can’t say that I am looking for any tips as I have a pretty set way to investing.

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