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Kemper Corporation Announces New Fixed Rate Reset Debentures

Insurance company Kemper Corporation (KMPR) has announced they will be issuing a new fixed rate reset Junior Subordinated Debenture with a maturity in 2062.

The issue will carry a fixed rate for the 1st 5 years and then will reset every 5 years at the 5 year treasury rate plus a ‘spread’ (yet unknown).

It is anticipated that the issue will trade with the permanent ticker of KMPB–there will be no OTC trading.

The company currently has no exchange baby bonds or perpetual preferred outstanding.

The preliminary prospectus can be found here.

EarlyBird was on top of this and posits a 5.875% to 6.0% coupon.

3 thoughts on “Kemper Corporation Announces New Fixed Rate Reset Debentures”

  1. S&P: BB+
    Moody’s appears to be implicitly consistent with S&P, as Kemper Sr Notes are Baa3

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