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7 thoughts on “Insurer American International (AIG) Calls Preferred Shares”

  1. Huh. I was just thinking this afternoon about getting back in. Guess I won’t be doing that.

    I didn’t own a ton, but I got out all I had a few weeks ago when it went above $25.25 because I needed the cash to buy something while I was waiting for treasuries to mature today. Thought I could use some of the treasury proceeds to buy back in. Oh well.

  2. I wonder why? There doesn’t seem to be a clear economical rationale for this one to be called, is there?

    1. Oh, I agree. No way they could refinance this at a rate that makes calling this make sense.

  3. Oh Drats. I have flipped off and on since 2020 with generally great results. Only collected $30 in dividends but lots of capital appreciation. Purchased 100 shares today at $24.52. Sad to see it go. I think it’s interesting that it is being redeemed at face when it has been trading at a discount for the last month.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Owned since March 2020. Sad to see this nice payer go. Time to go shopping (for income).

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