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Headlines of Interest

Below are press releases from companys which have baby bonds or preferred stock outstanding. Or simply news of general interest.

CareCloud Logo_Blue.jpg

CareCloud Announces Suspension of its Dividends on Non-Convertible Series A and Series B Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock


Gabelli Equity Trust Extends Expiration Date of Tender Offer to January 5, 2024 for Series C and Series E Auction Rate Preferred Stock

Gabelli Funds.png

Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust Adds June 26, 2024 as Put Date for Series B Preferred Shares

Star Bulk and Eagle Bulk Shipping to Combine, Creating a Global Leader in Dry Bulk Shipping


Capital Southwest Increases Credit Facility to $460 million


NewtekOne, Inc. Declares a Quarterly Dividend of $0.18 per Share


Arbor Realty Trust Announces an Increase of its Share Repurchase Program to $150 Million

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Virtus Investment Partners Reports Preliminary November 30, 2023 Assets Under Management

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OFS Credit Company Announces Financial Results for the Fourth Fiscal Quarter 2023

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  1. Lots of bears circling ABR, but they always match it with a CEO share purchase and a buyback.

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