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Don’t Forget the Sortable Sheet

Each time I post this we have more users–and more proof readers.

I have a Google sortable spreadsheet here (the instruction page) that contains $25/shares issues (baby bonds and preferreds). At this time it doesn’t include most convertibles or hybrid preferreds – BUT should contain 98% of traditional issues.

Certainly there are some issues that have been overlooked–looking over comments, now that I have more time I try to get the overlooked issues added in–if you see something that is missing please let me know below and I will check back and get them in.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Sortable Sheet”

  1. Tim –

    Not the sortable sheet, but the Preferreds of Closed End Funds Current Yield page.

    Last weekend, it appears a column got clipped out of the spreadsheet. I do, however, like the $ 40868 quarterly dividend on TY-. 😉

    The Daily Change red/green coloring has been broken for a long time, and the grey highlight for monthly pay issues is not working (properly).

    ACP-A is on the Alpha page, but not on the Current Yield page.

    1. Thanks CTM—will fix items mentioned. I may have taken the ‘volume’ column out as I am trying to get a little more better loading speed–each piece of data that needs to be retrieved slow things down.

    2. CTM–got most of it fixed — I changed some other sheets as well and see I need to double back and fix them as well – try to do something to help and I screwed ‘by yield’ up instead.

  2. GGT-E and FRMEP are listed twice in the spreadsheet. FRMEP is correct under First Merchant but not as Level One.

  3. Tim – Over the years I’ve used your Sortable Sheet to fill in gaps in my spreadsheets. I’m happy to return the favor. See if any of these meet your criteria:


  4. Tim, under New Issues, you should add PMTU. It is an 8.50% Senior Note issued in September by PennyMac, maturing 09/30/2028 and callable on or after 09/30/2025. Last traded at $25.01. Scott Kennedy’s risk rating for PMT is at same level AGNC and NLY, which is good. I bought some last month.

    1. Got it Wilson – thanks – will get it on new issues and all spreadsheets yet today.

    1. I have both issues of old national preferred. Forgot to mention that to Westie on ones I hold. The ONBPP

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