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Headlines of Interest

Below are some press releases from company’s with preferred stock or baby bonds outstanding – or in some cases just of general interest.

Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. Logo

Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. Announces First Quarter Financial Results

ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. logo

ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. First Quarter 2023 Webcast Scheduled for April 27, 2023


PacWest Bancorp Announces Results for the First Quarter 2023


Triumph Financial Releases First Quarter 2023 Financial Results

View Press Release

Soluna Holdings, Inc. Extends Maturity of Convertible Notes

View Press Release

Triton International Limited Announces Date for First Quarter 2023 Earnings Release

View Press Release

MetLife Increases Common Stock Dividend By 4%

View Press Release

Wells Fargo & Company Announces Common Stock Dividend

View Press Release

Franklin Street Properties Corp. to Announce First Quarter 2023 Results

View Press Release

Global Partners Declares First-Quarter 2023 Cash Distribution of $0.6550 on Common Units

View Press Release

Ares Capital Corporation Announces March 31, 2023 Financial Results and Declares Second Quarter 2023 Dividend of $0.48 Per Share

View Press Release

Atlantic Union Bankshares Reports First Quarter Financial Results

View Press Release

SITE Centers Reports First Quarter 2023 Results

3 thoughts on “Headlines of Interest”

    1. AF –
      From the first page of that presentation:
      “A fund managed by [Author] … holds a short position in USB through selling short and purchasing put options…”

      Usually hard to take the “analysis” of a short seller very seriously, in my experience. There are exceptions, but it is good to know that these guys have a bet in against the USB.

      I have no interest in USB – just flipped through a few pages out of curiosity.

    2. af,

      Thank you for the post. I did read the article twice and surprised it’s not getting more traction here. Echoing Private’s comment, short sellers do push their own narrative and we tend to dicount them right out of the gate, though different here is the actual content and analysis in the 75-page paper and SVB appendix.

      Equalling damning here is the (once again) highlighting of the Fed’s situational ethics and standards. The level of apparent complicity is disturbing.

      As the paper prophesied, USB was indeed downgraded by Moody’s a short time after the article was published. There’s good reason to believe S&P will follow. Fully diluted, USBs cap ratios are at best problematic and it’s easy to envision a further downgrade. This is prior to consideration of the impact of a recession.

      I have not sold anything in years, though had been fence-sitting on USB and the 4 full positions we hold having recently recognized the capital issues. Moody’s recent downgrade and the insight provided on page 5/6 of the paper sealed the deal. Unloaded 3 of 4 positions this morning at 8%-11% gains not including dividends received. Not wildly excited about generating taxable cap gains, but it beats the heck out of potential tax-offsetting losses or potential suspended dividends in the next few years.

      Thank you for the posting and wishing you a profitable 2023.

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