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Google Quotes Currently a Problem

It has been quite some time since we have seen issues with the quotes coming from Google–it used to be somewhat of a regular occurrence. Unfortunately issues are back with some missing quotes etc.

I can’t do much at this time with these issues BUT if history is repeated they should correct themselves in a day or two–I hope.

13 thoughts on “Google Quotes Currently a Problem”

  1. Just noticed Google Sheets added a new Finance “Smart Chips” function that is handy for checking a stock.
    Their directions are:
    Insert from menu:
    On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
    Select a range of cells with Google finance entities.
    At the top, click Insert and then Smart chips and then Finance.

    Tip: To insert from the cell menu, right-click a cell. Click Smart chips and then Finance.
    At the bottom of the price it pulls up, there is a little box with an arrow in it. Clicking that will pull up the full Google Finance page.

    1. danzeb–maybe they were working on things and screwed up quotes earlier. Will check it out.

      1. Tim, that is half of software development – “we got it working! what does it break?”

        In big deployments, it isn’t uncommon for a minor change to blow up something in a seemingly unrelated piece of software.

        Unfortunately, among a lot of newish programmers, there is a bias against testing software before it is deployed, and against running it in a test environment before they push it to the production system.

        The thinking is something like “why waste all that time testing. I think the software is OK, but if it breaks something, we can just fix it later”. Unfortunately, sometimes that break brings the company’s whole site (or a major product) down for hours or days.

        Drives me crazy. A lot of the major outages you hear about in the news are caused by this kind of thinking. In fact, I know of several major outages at multiple sites just this year that were caused by untested code being launched into a production system.

        (Disclosure: I haven’t coded in decades, but I consult with a little software company whose product does software reliability metrics. )

  2. So I can only get 1 out of 5 pfd quotes on my phone. I use StockSpy to aggregate my common stocks that I follow. But its rarely accepts pfds requests.

    Anyone use a good Android based app for quotes including preferred??

    1. If you prefer – I use yahoo finance on my iphone and it is working fine – I assume it will work fine on Android as well. I have a watchlist of maybe 30 issues in there.

        1. IYP—JPM-PC will get you that one and then if you want it on your watch list you can go the the litttle … menu and select add to watchlist.

          1. I downloaded Yahoo Finance app and it kept popping up auto-notifications to my device. I turned them off and the app turned them on right in front of me!!

    1. Thanks for letting me know that porcupine – I was trying to address the quote issues and moved it. I will get that fixed, but quotes won’t likely work until google gets their issue fixed.

      1. Thank you Tim, the list is looking good. The Google quotes issue seems to still impact a dozen or two tickers but hopefully they’ll figure that out soon.

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