Gabelli Funds Leverage Ratios

A few times a year I search through the various Gabelli Closed End Funds SEC reports to check the leverage ratios so I can update the CEF preferred spreadsheet with leverage ratios.

As most of you know closed end funds must have an asset coverage ratio at or above 200% on their senior securities which includes preferred stock and debt.

It is amazing that after being the 1st person to write about CEF preferred stocks more than a decade ago on my previous website ‘The Yield Hunter’ that I didn’t know that Gabelli publishes their leverage ratios every month on their website.

I want to thank James Craig for noting the Gabelli leverage page in the comments earlier today.

That’s what I love about having lots of commenting on site–some one always has the knowledge–and after 10 or 15 years of writing on the CEF preferred I now know it also.

Anyway the page is here–and it is updated each month.

3 thoughts on “Gabelli Funds Leverage Ratios”

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