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Everyday–Get Up and Plan

Yesterday was a most restful market day for investors–and while common shares were up our holdings were up just a small amount–a very small amount.

Each day I get up, earlier than I normally get up, around 5 a.m.–it takes me a couple large coffees and an hour to get overnight news reviewed.

Yesterday I did no buying or selling–in some ways being out of the office and not fixating on news was refreshing.

My plan today. We know markets will open weak so I will simply watch. Odds are that an early weak bounce will come, but if trends are to be followed we could see a close down 10% again by the end of the day.

If we get a bounce of any magnitude I will sell a little more in the perpetual arena–I don’t hold much, but I may convert more to cash awaiting the bottom (I have no idea when this will happen). Nothing pisses me off more than selling losers–but a loss is a loss and I am not holding to watch a 25% loss go to a 50% loss.

I don’t think I will do any buying–I have so little visibility in anything regarding the economy it is getting harder and harder to pull the trigger BUT I will–sometime in the future.

As I have said many times–if you can not sleep you need to sell a little more. If the money you have is essential to your retirement or lifestyle you need to keep more dry powder. The time will come when this can be redeployed in a very profitable way, but that time is not now and no one can predict whether that time will occur tomorrow, next week, next month or even further out.

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