Errors and Omissions

On this page reader/participants can post comments pointing out ERRORS AND OMISSIONS on our various lists.

I think we are dealing with near 1000 pages on site at this moment (1/5/2019) and we always say we have maybe 98% good data with 2% being incorrect or simply missing.

For instance this week Affinity4Investing let us know we were missing one of the Allstate Corp preferred issues–fortunately we stumbled on his comment so we were able to get the issue added, BUT there is so much commenting activity we can only skim through them.  Thus if they are posted here were can, at a glance, find out issues.

We will respond to comments on this page, but we will clear it off every week or two.

9 thoughts on “Errors and Omissions”

  1. Certainly not an Error or Omission, but a request if possible.

    I, and perhaps other here, would love a way to sort one of the sheets, the Master lets say, for the following:
    III rating ‘B’ or better.
    If you and Chad think it doable it would be a great benefit to me and others that want to know quickly what issues you have rated IG.

    In any case, thank you for such a helpful website! Truly a beacon in the fixed income wilderness.

    1. Hi mikeo–I am going to do a bunch of stuff related to sorting–but it will probably be a few weeks or even months. When we set the sorting options up we weren’t precise in what we set up–and since it has not been a priority since that time (a year ago) we haven’t put our efforts there yet–but we will be doing so.

      1. Thank you for considering the request, and all your work here of course. Absolutely wonderful what you have accomplished with this site!

  2. Hey Tim…I was looking at the Master List of Utilities that you mentioned yesterday and noticed Duke-A is sporting an 8.25% coupon. While I wish that were true, shouldn’t the correct number be 5.75%?

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