Errors and Omissions

On this page reader/participants can post comments pointing out ERRORS AND OMISSIONS on our various lists.

I think we are dealing with near 1000 pages on site at this moment (1/5/2019) and we always say we have maybe 98% good data with 2% being incorrect or simply missing.

For instance this week Affinity4Investing let us know we were missing one of the Allstate Corp preferred issues–fortunately we stumbled on his comment so we were able to get the issue added, BUT there is so much commenting activity we can only skim through them.  Thus if they are posted here were can, at a glance, find out issues.

We will respond to comments on this page, but we will clear it off every week or two.

189 thoughts on “Errors and Omissions”

  1. hi tim – thanks again for sharing your very hard work [and patience!] with all.

    one correction, one addition to the tome:

    ECCB: Maturity Date should be 10/30/2026

    AIRTP: Air T Funding, 8.00% Alpha Income Trust Preferred Securities Due 6/7/2049
    CUSIP: 00919P120 Previous CUSIP: 00919P203
    1st call: 6/07/2024
    Maturity: 6/07/2049

    interesting background:

    Air T Funding, 8.0% Alpha Income Trust Preferred Securities, liquidation amount $2.50 (became $25 on 01/14/2020) per share, guaranteed by Air T, Inc (NASDAQ:AIRT) (See our definition of Guaranteed in our Glossary of Income Investing Terms for the technicalities of the guarantee), redeemable at the issuer’s option on or after 6/7/2024 at $2.50 (became $25 on 01/14/2020) Per share plus accrued and unpaid dividends, and maturing 6/7/2049. Cumulative distributions of 8.00% per annum ($0.2 (became $2.00 on 01/14/2020) per annum or $0.05 (became .50 on 01/14/2020) per quarter) will be paid quarterly on 2/15, 5/15, 8/15 & 11/15 to holders of record on the record date which will be one business day prior to the payment date while the securities remain in book-entry form (NOTE: the ex-dividend date is one business day prior to the record date). Dividends paid by trust preferred securities are derived from interest paid to the underlying debt securities and therefore are NOT eligible for the preferential 15% to 20% tax rate on dividends and are also NOT eligible for the dividend received deduction for corporate holders (see page 59 of the prospectus for further information). The company has the right, at any time, to defer dividend payments for up to 20 consecutive quarters (but not beyond the maturity date). The trust’s assets consist of the 8.0% Junior Subordinated Deferrable Interest Debentures due 6/7/2049 which were purchased from the company using the funds generated from the sale of the trust preferred securities. This security was not rated by Moody’s or S&P at the time of its IPO.

  2. Hi Tim:
    Thanks for reinstituting the $25/share Gain/Loss Daily Spreadsheet. The “First Call Date” column is truncated. That is, it does not show the full date. Was wondering if it might please be possible to include the full column??? If not, no worries. I can just check with the master list.
    – Dave

    1. Dave-I moved some columns around. If you need to scroll right you can click anywhere on the sheet and then arrow right.

      1. Perfect! Thank you much Tim.
        I am grateful for your site. You have done a great job to facilitate a balanced prospective from different contributors in different physical locales. Alternative views is what makes a market. Your sagacious opinions are typically right on target. The opinions expressed by all contributors have been extremely helpful, timely, and thought provoking. Keep up the good work.

  3. “Search Securities” with parent company ticker SBNY yields “no securities” found despite recent SBNYP preferred offering.

    Regards, and a Happy New Year to all.

  4. Tim – for those investors that own shares in IRET and their preferred IRET-C, it appears they have now changed their name. The new ticker symbol for the company is CSR and CSR-C. Notified QuantumOnline this evening and just wanted to make mention of it here as well. They now appear to be called Centerspace. I don’t own any shares now, but IRET-C was on my watch list at TD.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!

  5. On the sortable spreadsheet (ver 11/06/2020) in appears there are two different formulas being used for Yield to Worst. For example COF-J uses =(25-J147)/25 while COF-H uses ={{L148*U148}+{(25-J148)/25}}/U148. To me it looks like the COF-J formula is incorrect as it does not take into account the number in dividends in the future (I think this value is represented by the U column). I might be missing something.
    Note: neither COF-J nor COF-H are past call)

  6. Tim, I think the formula you are using for yield to worst for issues that are not callable might be incorrect. It is reporting the total yield, as opposed to the annualized yield.

    For example on PIHPP, you have
    L2*U2+(25-J2)/25/U2 =22.28%
    I think what you want is an extra set of parentheses

  7. On the sortable spreadsheet Kimco Moody rating is listed as NR, believe it should be Baa2.

  8. Why does the “recent comments” column change depending on which page I am viewing? On the home page it looks one way, but I got to REIT chat, for example, and the list is similar, but different.

    Just curious.

  9. FYI, the move from NYSE to Nasdaq will change the AEP tickers:

    This amendment reflects a change in the NASDAQ trading symbols for the Corporate Units. Under NASDAQ, the Corporate Units AEP PR B and AEP PR C will trade under the symbols “AEPPL” and “AEPPZ”, respectively.

  10. Tim – I’m showing Canadian chat as closed to new comments.

    Could you reopen, please, unless this is a retaliatory act for Canada keeping the border closed to US residents, which would be totally understandable?


  11. Tim, Not really an error or omission but passing on a couple of ratings updates I came across today.
    SoCal Edison preferreds listed as BBB-/Baa1 on the Preferred Sheet, Quantum shows it updated on 3/11/20 to BB+/WR and S&P shows it reaffirmed as BB+ on 5/28/20
    QVCC/D listed as BBB-/Ba2 on the Preferred Sheet, Quantum shows it updated on 5/22/20 to BB+/Ba2

  12. Sortable spread sheet appears to be not working. Get message stating sheet is in owner’s trash when trying to load from menu and paragraph 3. I don’t see any links to all the various spread sheets that were available in the past.

  13. Hi Tim, the current price guotes for the following tickers have fixed prices in the spreadsheet and are not updating.


  14. RE: missing baby bond codes for google sheets

    hi tim!

    again, thanks for your generosity in providing us access to your database!

    you’re aware of the problem of getting a few baby bond daily quotes and volumes into google sheets. SBLKZ, for example [which is not yet in the spreadsheet], isn’t on googlefinance or so I’ve figured out how to do this since I don’t like blank spaces/am OCD.

    to get the updated SBLKZ stock quote into the spreadsheet, here’s the code [using importxml]:


    to obtain the SBLKZ volume, use:

    finally, say you wanted to put in LHMA values [currently N/A]. just replace the name [here LHMA for sblkz] and, if needed, the relevant marketplace [here, NYSE for nasdaq]:


    anyway, hope this helps. thanks again!

    1. aview—that damned Star Bulk issue is the only one that will not work with my traditional sources. Over the years I have used maybe 6-8 sources for importing quotes–google of course is the easiest–but is a baby bond problem.

      Thanks I’ll try you import and see if I can get it going.

        1. Thanks aview–the import worked fine–that now gives me maybe 6 options for quotes.

          1. Tim, here’s another code/website that appears more reliable for SBLKZ quotes, []:


            I noticed the quote didn’t update during the day so looked for another source to scrape. damn, this SBLKZ issue seems particularly resistant to being monitored!

    1. I wished I had known about WFC-L and BAC-L before the virus market drop in March. Now they’ve climbed past $1400, which is far too high over par for my liking. I’d be interested in seeing info on other >$1000 offerings as well.

      1. I’m curious why you care about par value on these? They’re not callable so the only thing that matters it he current yield

          1. Sure, agree with that on how the market price and yield will going forward. However, that doesn’t make the par value any more relevant 🙂

            1. Remember it’s convertible, however unlikely that may be now. I own a lot of the L series and have gone through the thought exercise of what would happen if WFC went to $150/sh. Almost a 30% loss if your basis is $1400.

            2. mcg, …and it doesn’t hold a candle to this beaut: PLDGP. At 0.94% YTM, what could possibly go wrong?

  15. Should HMLP-A and GMLPP show on the ex-dividend page? If my finger counting worked, I believe both are ex about May 7 or 8.

    Cumulative distributions of 8.75% per annum ($2.1875 per annum or $0.546875 per quarter) will be paid quarterly on 2/15, 5/15, 8/15 & 11/15 to holders of record on the record date that will be the fifth Business Day prior to the payment date (NOTE: the ex-dividend date is one business day prior to the record date).

    1. Should HMLP-A and GMLPP show on the ex-dividend page? If my finger counting worked, I believe both are ex about May 7 or 8.

  16. This isn’t an error, and not exactly an omission, but maybe more of a suggestion. Comments pop up on occasion suggesting a certain investment be held only in a retirement account. I’ve seen it for AATRL, BEP, et al. It would be nice if there was a list of these! It could just be a “hold only in retirement account”, and that would be fine, and if it had a reason why, that’s fine, too. Or maybe a column in the spreadsheets… (?) Thanks.

    1. I can think of a few options.
      Short term only,
      retirement account,
      Taxable account, taxable yield at the qualified rate.
      Non-US investor etc.

    2. Hi Dave–not certain what these issues are really–I hold all my stuff in retirement accounts.

      1. I think mostly it is complexity of filing tax returns for non-retirement accounts. K-1 form, partnerships, maybe other issues? Dealing with K-1 is a pain, not worth the hassle in a non-retirement account.
        Thanks for all you do, Tim!

  17. Error in Preferred Master List. Teekay Offshore Partners is now Altera Infrastructure. TOO-A, TOO-B, TOO-C is now ALIN-A, ALIN-B, ALIN-E.

      1. Yeah it looks good to me now. Before all the RILY bonds were showing prices in the 20s for example. Maybe I had a cached version or something. Thanks for checking!

  18. Dillards BB ticker DDT shows BBB- on the master list, but is rated Ba1/B+ as of 9/17/19 according to Q.O.

  19. Apparently there is a typo in the enhanced portafolio: it says rilyx but I guess it meant rilyz?

  20. Why is Reader Initiated Alerts breaking out “older” and “newer” comments? There are only a handful of newer comments and the older comments contain several from today….? It’s making it hard to read the thread.

  21. Hi Tim. The Zion FtF bond ZBK had a ticker change to ZIONL.

    It’s still on the ETD list as ZBK. I saw it with a current price of $24.21 Friday and about had a heart attack. Luckily I checked before liquidating everything to buy a million shares …

  22. Hi Tim
    Seems like Master List has lost its “alpha” sort…Just like everyone else, I appreciate the website and what you do for all of us!!!!

    1. Eyeman–got it corrected–I was working on a project last night and forgot to reset it to alpha. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. David–I guess the lesson is to be quick. The problem with making the editing time longer is that the longer it remains open the higher the odds we will have of inviting spammers–which is why originally there is no wordpress edit feature (I added it separately).

  23. Hi Tim,

    No big deal but could SBLKZ (Baby Bond from Star Bulk Carriers) be added to the master list?

    Details can be found on quantumonline, I own a couple hundred shares.

    Thanks for your help and the webpage.

    1. I do see it listed on the baby bond list, just not on the master. I like to use the master to sort data from time to time. Thanks again.

  24. Hi Tim, a few more edits

    AFSIN incorrect coupon yield, shows 7.75%, should be 6.95%
    ENO incorrect coupon yield, shows 5.45%, should be 5.50%
    AFSIN quarterly coupon shows .48, should be .435

    The following have incorrect first call dates. The first date is your date and the second date is what I think is the correct date.

    ALP-Q 10/1/2022 9/5/17
    ALL-H 8/15/2024 10/15/24
    AFSIN 3/15/2021 9/27/21
    APO-A 3/15/2021 3/15/22
    AHT-G 10/17/2021 10/18/21
    AHT-I 11/25/2022 11/17/22
    EQH-A 12/1/2024 12/15/24
    RILYP 10/7/2024 10/1/24
    BML-L 5/21/2010 5/21/12
    BML-J 11/21/2010 11/28/10
    BAC-B 6/16/2023 5/16/23
    BANFP 3/21/2009 3/31/09
    CDR-C 8/22/2022 8/24/22
    CHMI-B 4/5/2024 4/15/24
    CIM-A 10/21/2021 10/30/21
    C-K 2/15/2024 11/15/23
    CFG-D 7/6/2024 4/6/24
    CIO-A 9/15/2021 10/4/21
    CUBI-C 6/20/2020 6/15/20
    CUBI-D 3/14/2021 3/15/21
    CUBI-F 12/14/2021 12/15/21
    DSX-B 3/14/2019 2/14/19
    DLR-K 3/13/2024 3/15/24
    DLR-L 10/10/2024 10/4/24
    DLNG-B 11/2/2023 11/22/23
    ECCB 10/29/2021 10/30/21
    ESGRP 9/1/2028 9/20/28
    FRC-G 1/29/2021 3/30/21
    GDV-A 10/19/2009 10/12/09
    GGZ-A 3/31/2021 5/10/21
    GS-D 10/31/2010 5/24/11
    GS-C 5/24/2011 10/31/10
    HCXZ 4/1/2021 4/30/21
    HBANN 3/1/2018 2/4/18
    STAR-G 12/18/2008 12/19/08
    JPM-C 3/1/2024 3/21/24
    NYCB-A 6/17/2027 3/17/27
    OFG-A 5/30/2008 5/30/06
    OFG-B 10/31/2008 10/31/10
    BPOPO 3/31/2008 3/31/10
    BPOPP 5/28/2013 5/28/15
    PSA-X 3/18/2018 3/13/18
    PSA-D 7/15/2021 7/1/21
    RF-C 8/15/2029 5/15/29
    SAF 8/28/2021 8/31/21
    SPE-B 8/19/2018 8/26/18
    STL-A 4/15/2018 10/15/22
    TCFCP 12/1/2022 12/2/22
    TSCBP 7/1/2026 7/21/24
    TFC-I 9/15/2011 12/15/24
    TWO-A 4/26/2027 4/27/27
    VLYPO 9/30/2022 6/30/22

    I will send more after you digest these. . . my apologies for springing this all at once.


  25. In the “Recent Comments” section, certain names get turned into weird links:

    Chuck P
    Martin G

      1. Whoops, guess that should have been obvious. Seems like a bit of a security hole that they are not validated. I think I would make them text rather than links.

        1. David–thanks–you guys ferreted out the issue. I think I will try to remove the ‘website’ box.

        2. David–Chad is going to remove the ‘website’ blank in the next day or two.

  26. Tim, I think the first call date for GAINL is incorrect. You show it as 8/31/21 and I think it is 8/31/20.


  27. The table “$25 Preferred Stock Sorted by Share Price Loss/Gain” have a wrong coupon (8.25%) for DUK-A (5.75%)

  28. LTS-A
    It appears grey box Quarterly Dividend Amount: 0.167 is incorrect. Issue pays 8% (per grey box and quantumonline).
    Regards and thanks for the excellent site.

    1. edit:
      Dollar amount is correct ($0.167) since it pays monthly but grey box description “Quarterly Dividend Amount:” is incorrect. Regards.

    2. Hi-Bob–I shade all the monthly payors with a grey shade–unfortunately in Google sheets shading doesn’t carry over from the main data page when sorting.

      1. clarification:
        copied from “grey box” of individual preferred web page (for example
        Quarterly Dividend Amount: 0.15
        Payment Months: Pays Every Month
        end quote:
        The issue is not a google sheets matter as it appears to be the individual security web page of multiple (if not all) issues that pay monthly. The dollar amount is correct and you correctly state the issue pays monthly but the “grey box” statement “Quarterly Dividend Amount” should read “Monthly Dividend Amount” or the dollar amount should be multiplied by three to accurately display “Quarterly Dividend Amount”. Hope you do not think I am nit-picking as your site is wonderful and I greatly appreciate all the work you put into it. Regards.

        1. Bob–got it. I see where you mean now. Let me give that some thought and have Chad tweak it. Thanks. No I don’t think you are nitpicking–it is information that may be helpful to others.

    1. Hi Pete–I’ve corrected it, but I can’t correct any versions of sortable sheets that folks have copied—until the next ‘version’. Thanks

  29. I think the summary box on CAI International’s Series B has an incorrect rate on the floating. The prospectus lists the rate as 5.687%.

  30. “Searchable Spreadsheet” – RILYP YTW of -2.36% looks like an error in the spreadsheet. The cell formula look wrong to me. Also wrong for RILYN.

  31. DPC-C
    DPC-C grey box:
    1. “Quarterly Dividend Amount: 7.95”
    not true qtrly payment.
    2. green box at top
    “Coupon is fixed at 7.875% …”
    not matching 7.95% of grey box

  32. Tim, one of my online friends informed me that EP-C isnt in your list. Im a frequent player here just buying a decent amount of it again. Didnt notice you didnt have it. A pretty conservative trust debt Baa3 and trading recently around par. Goes exD in about a week. KMI is obligator of payment and it matures in 2028.
    It has been past call since 2002 at $50 liquidation value. It has an owner conversion, but it will likely stay out of the money before its 2028 maturity as KMI would have to sniff near $40 to make a worthwhile buck off it.

    Capital Trust I (Trust I), is a 100%-owned business trust that as of December 31, 2017, had 4.4 million of 4.75% trust convertible preferred securities outstanding (referred to as the Trust I Preferred Securities). Trust I exists for the sole purpose of issuing preferred securities and investing the proceeds in 4.75% convertible subordinated debentures, which are due 2028. Trust I’s sole source of income is interest earned on these debentures. This interest income is used to pay distributions on the preferred securities. We provide a full and unconditional guarantee of the Trust I Preferred Securities. There are no significant restrictions from these securities on our ability to obtain funds from our subsidiaries by distribution, dividend or loan. The Trust I Preferred Securities are non-voting (except in limited circumstances), pay quarterly distributions at an annual rate of 4.75%, carry a liquidation value of $50 per security plus accrued and unpaid distributions and are convertible at any time prior to the close of business on March 31, 2028, at the option of the holder, into the following mixed consideration: (i) 0.7197 of a share of our Class P common stock; (ii) $25.18 in cash without interest; and (iii) 1.100 warrants to purchase a share of our Class P common stock. Our warrants expired on May 25, 2017, along with the portion of the mixed consideration that provided for the conversion into 1.100 warrants to purchase a share of our Class P common stock. We have the right to redeem these Trust I Preferred Securities at any time. Because of the substantive conversion rights of the securities into the mixed consideration, we bifurcated the fair value of the Trust I Preferred Securities into debt and equity components and as of December 31, 2017, the outstanding balance of $221 million (of which $111 million was classified as current) was bifurcated between debt ($200 million) and equity ($21 million).

    1. Grid,
      I’m wondering if EP-C issues a 1099, or has the ownership by Kinder Morgan somehow changes it to a K-1?

      I know KMI is now a corporate entity so I feel pretty sure EP-C still issues a 1099, but one never knows nowadays.

      1. Inspy, this is pure trust debt…Interest payment from the subordinated debt held inside the trust wrapper. No K-1 at all, and wouldnt be even if KMI was still an MLP which as you know it isnt anymore..
        Good to hear from you again Inspy. I was thinking about sending you a nasty PM wondering if you fell off the planet or something.

        1. Been busy with other stuff, unfortunately. A friend – young doctor working for a large HMO – was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Only 46 years old, with a wife & 2 young children. My wife & I have been ministering to them along with others from our church. providing food, maintaining housework & yard work while they are at the hospital.

          Investments have been doing OK – volatility has been low, so grateful for that.

          Bought a small amount of EP-C at $50.08 today. XD is next week so with that event my effective cost goes below par, and then it’s just hanging on until they call it, or it’s sold.

          1. Inspbudget
            I was just perusing this list and applaud you for putting
            humanity before $$$ – beautiful, sir.

            1. Thank you for your post, Howard.

              We had a miraculous breakthrough just last week; the patient had another CT scan – and the results showed a 40% shrinkage in the size of the tumor!

              So as not to violate the policies ( no religious stuff ) on this website, I will provide no details, but everyone is very encouraged and thankful What a wonderful Christmas Gift !

              1. That’s great Inspy. Thank you for sharing the story and the inspirational donation of your time to the cause of others.

  33. g’day Tim

    I believe a saw a link last time I visited for the shipping stocks, preferreds and baby bonds.
    This morning, I have looked high and low and can not locate it.

    Is it still available?

    kindest thanks

  34. Hi Tim-
    I was unable to find this notice anywhere on III, but it may have been discussed somewhere.

    State Street Corporation Announces Additional Capital Action with Full Redemption of Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock Series “E”
    Company Release – 11/6/2019 9:21 AM ET

    BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT) today announced that it will redeem all of its outstanding shares of non-cumulative perpetual preferred stock Series E (represented by depositary shares, each representing a 1/4000th interest in a share of Series E preferred stock)(the “Redemption”) on December 15, 2019 (the “Redemption Date”), for cash at a redemption price of $100,000 per share (equivalent to $25.00 per depositary share) plus all dividends that have been declared but not paid up to but not including the Redemption Date.

  35. Tim,
    Under the new “Recent Comments” section where you’re listing the last few comments on the site, there is PII being revealed by clicking on the link of the persons name. For example, and I’m doing this from memory from just a minute ago, I clicked on Martin G’s name and it asked me if I was OK with logging into Yahoo under her account name – and it gave an account name. Same thing was revealed by clicking on another users name. It asked me about going to their gmail account or something of the sort.

    Just wanted to make you aware.

  36. Looking at GAINL, you appear to list an incorrect call date. From the prospectus,

    “At any time on or after August 31, 2020, at our sole option, we may redeem the Series E Term Preferred Stock at a redemption price of $25.00 per share”

    On your monthly preferred list you indicate early call date is Aug 31, 2021.

  37. Timestamps on new posts are now off by an hour following the end of DST over the weekend.

    1. Just for clarification, top of subject web page states 6.0%. Div is correct for a 6% yield but “grey box” “coupon” reads 6.25%

      1. Thanks Bob–great find–out of 1800 pages those are the type of typos I would never find. Corrected.

    1. David–I will wipe out a bunch, but you can click “newer comments” just above the comment section to bring up the new ones.

        1. Furcel–it is now trading under the permanent ticker, but the quote server is not picking up the pricing yet and I normally wait until the pricing is showing up, but will go ahead and add it. The price will show up as NA until the quote server gets updated.

      1. Mr M.
        It would make a lot more sense for the section to open with the latest comments. I know it takes just one click to reverse the order of the
        comments, but the latest is almost always what readers want to read.
        Essentially, the oldest have already been read days ago, and an ALERT is of immediate importance, which is the purpose of the section. I hope that you will think it over. Thanks for reading.

    2. ok–wiped out half and now it defaults to the newest. Thanks for the heads up.

  38. Hi there, thanks for your work. I was wondering why you use a closed-form calculation for preferreds YTC? Why not use the RATE function available in the google sheets? The two appear to be quite a bit off for some stocks.

    1. And just to add, should you be using the dirty price (ie market price) in your calculation or clean price (i.e. market price less accrued) in your calculation? If you use the dirty price as you do, your YTC will decrease one day to the next all else equal as the accrued grows in the dirty price which it shouldn’t do.

  39. Hi Tim….
    Awesome site for resources…we all thank you… of this morning…master list alphabetical toggle seems to have malfunctioned…..

        1. Hi eeciii–I am not seeing anywhere where it shows as quarterly. Is there a particular spot you are noticing it is incorrect?

    1. Sorry for that–I use that list for other purposes as well and forgot to reset it early this a.m. when I was messing with other stuff.

  40. Tim, would it be possible to post your pricing tables as HTML tables instead of images? I often find myself wanting to cut and paste e.g. the CUSIP. Thanks.

  41. You have PPWLM and PPWLO listed as callable any time, but Gridbird says they are non-callable 🙂

    1. David, not only are they uncallable, they pretty much are unbuyable too. Somebody had a bid at $160 for PPWLM today that went unmolested. And somebody screwed up and paid over $700 a share for a few PPWLO shares earlier this year…Ouch! PPWLM has a bit over 15,000 shares outstanding and PPWLO a bit over 5,000. Very illiquid, but then again one was issued 98 years ago and the 92 years ago.

    2. David, I was going to give you conformation last night but went to sleep instead. I always recommend OSM if one purchases to make info is correct through SEC filings. I own PPWLO but not PPWLM. I flipped it one too many times back in the day.

      Page 171 of the actual document..
      18) Noncontrolling Interests
      Included in noncontrolling interests on the Consolidated Balance Sheets are preferred securities of subsidiaries of $58 million as of December 31, 2018 and 2017, consisting of $56 million of 8.061% cumulative preferred securities of Northern Electric plc., a subsidiary of Northern Powergrid, which are redeemable in the event of the revocation of Northern Electric plc.’s electricity distribution license by the Secretary of State, and $2 million of nonredeemable preferred stock of PacifiCorp.

      Page 186 of actual document

      Preferred Stock
      As of December 31, 2018 and 2017, PacifiCorp had non-redeemable preferred stock outstanding with an aggregate stated value of $2 million.

  42. Tim,
    I was taking a closer look at PRE-I today. PartnerRe Ltd is a Reinsurance company. You have this preferred listed as not qualified. I think it may be qualified. Could you check if I’m correct?

    1. Zwei–got them corrected. I had help on these originally–unfortunately when I have help they don’t know up from down and corrections are still be made. Of course these are all non cumulative and qualified. Thanks

  43. Hi Tim,
    Today’s discussion of the COF preferreds potentially (C, D, and P) callable now or very soon) led me to search the site of the entire set of preferreds. For COF-H, we show a call date of 12/1/16 (see the below reprint from the site). I think it’s 12/1/21 (per QOL).

    Ticker: COF-H
    Parent Ticker: COF
    OTC Grey Market Temporary Ticker: NA
    Issuance Date: 11/22/20161st Call Date: 12/01/2016

  44. Hi Tim…when using the parent ticker search for NEWT, I noticed that NEWTL is showing up marked redeemed. NEWTZ is the issue that should be marked redeemed, not NEWTL.

    1. Thanks Citadel–I wait until they trade before getting them in the database, so this one will go in today.

    2. Also–they actually had an old issue NEWTL with a previous use of that ticker which was called. Ne issue now in. Thanks again

  45. Tim
    I suggest that READER INITIATED ALERTS should open with NEWER comments first, not the oldest. Today the first comment is 19 days old and it took me a while to figure out I had to click on the ‘newer comments’ to reverse the order. ( Of course, I am a little slow on the uptake ); Alternatively, display ” to reverse date order click HERE ‘ ”
    Thanks a bunch for taking this suggestion into consideration.

    1. Howard, there’s a comment on that page “We want to keep this page ‘fresh’ so we will slick it off every week or two so the items below remain only newer items.” That hasn’t been done in a long time.

      There’s also a request “We only ask that comments beyond the breaking news be kept to other pages or this page will be ‘out of control’” and indeed it is. If I have one complaint about this site, it’s the high level of off-topic chit chat by a handful of users. I know, I’m a troll for pointing it out again. But it’s true.

  46. Something is broken with the reader alert doodad. Works for current posts if you click on the post but not current if you click on the page.

    1. furcal,
      Check out the “Canadian Discussion” link over on the top right of this page. Bob-in-DE wrote the following. Otherwise, the Enbridge preferreds are not monitored at this time in Tim’s tables and don’t show up in searches on the site. We are only discussing them here for now. Thanks again to Bob for the offering.
      Bob-in-DE says:
      06/22/2019 at 9:10 am

      For those of you that follow Canadian preferreds I have just recently updated my tracking sheets and will make same available by email upon request. These are the sheets I use to both track and make investment decisions from. Covers only those with US tickers, about 35 in total.

      To obtain, you can either post your email here (strongly discouraged) or send me a PM through Seeking Alpha with your email address. I use same nic on SA as here.

      Price is only …….. wait, this is III, not SA! Gratis, of course.

      1. Thanks A4I. I went to the Enbridge site and have that bookmarked. The continued weakness in EBGEF is interesting. Market moves are often perplexing.

  47. You’ve got the new First Internet Bancorp Baby Bonds listed as Qualified. It’s my understanding that baby bonds are never qualified. Am I wrong?

  48. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place but I can’t find any of the EPR Properties issues (C, G, or E) in the Master List.

  49. (SR-A) Spire Inc, 5.90% Dep Shares Ser A Cumulative Redeemable Perp Preferred Stock
    not listed on your website.

    1. Zwei, I hadnt looked at its price in a few days, it keeps creeping up it appears. I bought WAY too much of that when it first came out as it is my biggest current position. And I regret not buying more then, lol…But not now at $26!

      1. Grid, I think that this issue will be about $26.50 within a month. Of course, I’ll have sold my shares before then. 😉

    2. Hi Zwei–Weird–I own it an I missed listing it in all the correct spots. Will get it.

      1. Tim,
        Thanks for adding SR-A to your website. First call date on your listing is incorrect. It should be 8/15/24 if I am not mistaken.

  50. Hi Tim,
    I can’t post anywhere with ‘mikeo’ name and associated gmail address. Hopefully I haven’t been banned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. mikeo–no you haven’t been banned–I’ll see if I can see what that issue is.

    2. mikeo–for some reason all the posts were being sent to the spam folder. I manually approved and they moved to the comments section.

      Hopefully you can post normally now–sorry I have no idea why that happened.

  51. Hi Tim!
    I hope I found you well. Could you please review this section and fix the latest comments to be on the top without clicking “Newer comments” option?

    Thank you in advance!


      1. Eugene–I eliminated the oldest 200 comments so I think it is working right now.

  52. Hi Tim:
    I do not know which page I should use for this post but was wondering with the pervasive and persistent comments about Canadian stocks and with their unique peculiarities rather than sprinkle posts on different pages have you thought about adding one page exclusively for posts and comments on Canadian securities? It need not be complex. Just a separate page for posts. That is all.
    Really appreciate the work you and Thad have put into this site and all the helpful comments that people have contributed. Love to see both sides of the issues. It helps me put things into perspective. Always learning from this site.

    1. Hi Dave–I can do that. Will put it in the additional links page on the right column in the next day or so.

  53. Hi alpha8.
    Thanks for checking up on this.
    I was referring to MTBCP. From QOL:
    MTBC, Inc., 11.00% Series A Cumul Redeem Perp Preferred Stock
    Ticker Symbol: MTBCP CUSIP: 55378G201 Previous CUSIP: 58464J204 Exchange: NCM
    Security Type: Traditional Preferred Stock

  54. Hi mikeo–I am going to do a bunch of stuff related to sorting–but it will probably be a few weeks or even months. When we set the sorting options up we weren’t precise in what we set up–and since it has not been a priority since that time (a year ago) we haven’t put our efforts there yet–but we will be doing so.

    1. Thank you for considering the request, and all your work here of course. Absolutely wonderful what you have accomplished with this site!

  55. Hey Tim…I was looking at the Master List of Utilities that you mentioned yesterday and noticed Duke-A is sporting an 8.25% coupon. While I wish that were true, shouldn’t the correct number be 5.75%?

  56. Tim and Ken, thanks for following up.
    Ken – yes, I was referring to the Master List – Ex-Dividend sheet.
    Tim, thanks for fixing that. I verify it looks accurate now.

    Tim – I also look at the stripped price and stripped yield (annual dividend / stripped price). That information may be a useful addition to the spreadsheets, though they’re useful even without it. They are easy to calculate on my own.

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