Errors and Omissions

On this page reader/participants can post comments pointing out ERRORS AND OMISSIONS on our various lists.

I think we are dealing with near 1000 pages on site at this moment (1/5/2019) and we always say we have maybe 98% good data with 2% being incorrect or simply missing.

For instance this week Affinity4Investing let us know we were missing one of the Allstate Corp preferred issues–fortunately we stumbled on his comment so we were able to get the issue added, BUT there is so much commenting activity we can only skim through them.  Thus if they are posted here were can, at a glance, find out issues.

We will respond to comments on this page, but we will clear it off every week or two.

31 thoughts on “Errors and Omissions”

  1. Tim
    I suggest that READER INITIATED ALERTS should open with NEWER comments first, not the oldest. Today the first comment is 19 days old and it took me a while to figure out I had to click on the ‘newer comments’ to reverse the order. ( Of course, I am a little slow on the uptake ); Alternatively, display ” to reverse date order click HERE ‘ ”
    Thanks a bunch for taking this suggestion into consideration.

    1. Howard, there’s a comment on that page “We want to keep this page ‘fresh’ so we will slick it off every week or two so the items below remain only newer items.” That hasn’t been done in a long time.

      There’s also a request “We only ask that comments beyond the breaking news be kept to other pages or this page will be ‘out of control’” and indeed it is. If I have one complaint about this site, it’s the high level of off-topic chit chat by a handful of users. I know, I’m a troll for pointing it out again. But it’s true.

  2. Something is broken with the reader alert doodad. Works for current posts if you click on the post but not current if you click on the page.

    1. furcal,
      Check out the “Canadian Discussion” link over on the top right of this page. Bob-in-DE wrote the following. Otherwise, the Enbridge preferreds are not monitored at this time in Tim’s tables and don’t show up in searches on the site. We are only discussing them here for now. Thanks again to Bob for the offering.
      Bob-in-DE says:
      06/22/2019 at 9:10 am

      For those of you that follow Canadian preferreds I have just recently updated my tracking sheets and will make same available by email upon request. These are the sheets I use to both track and make investment decisions from. Covers only those with US tickers, about 35 in total.

      To obtain, you can either post your email here (strongly discouraged) or send me a PM through Seeking Alpha with your email address. I use same nic on SA as here.

      Price is only …….. wait, this is III, not SA! Gratis, of course.

      1. Thanks A4I. I went to the Enbridge site and have that bookmarked. The continued weakness in EBGEF is interesting. Market moves are often perplexing.

  3. You’ve got the new First Internet Bancorp Baby Bonds listed as Qualified. It’s my understanding that baby bonds are never qualified. Am I wrong?

  4. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place but I can’t find any of the EPR Properties issues (C, G, or E) in the Master List.

  5. (SR-A) Spire Inc, 5.90% Dep Shares Ser A Cumulative Redeemable Perp Preferred Stock
    not listed on your website.

    1. Zwei, I hadnt looked at its price in a few days, it keeps creeping up it appears. I bought WAY too much of that when it first came out as it is my biggest current position. And I regret not buying more then, lol…But not now at $26!

      1. Grid, I think that this issue will be about $26.50 within a month. Of course, I’ll have sold my shares before then. 😉

      1. Tim,
        Thanks for adding SR-A to your website. First call date on your listing is incorrect. It should be 8/15/24 if I am not mistaken.

  6. Hi Tim,
    I can’t post anywhere with ‘mikeo’ name and associated gmail address. Hopefully I haven’t been banned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. mikeo–for some reason all the posts were being sent to the spam folder. I manually approved and they moved to the comments section.

      Hopefully you can post normally now–sorry I have no idea why that happened.

  7. Hi Tim!
    I hope I found you well. Could you please review this section and fix the latest comments to be on the top without clicking “Newer comments” option?

    Thank you in advance!


  8. Hi Tim:
    I do not know which page I should use for this post but was wondering with the pervasive and persistent comments about Canadian stocks and with their unique peculiarities rather than sprinkle posts on different pages have you thought about adding one page exclusively for posts and comments on Canadian securities? It need not be complex. Just a separate page for posts. That is all.
    Really appreciate the work you and Thad have put into this site and all the helpful comments that people have contributed. Love to see both sides of the issues. It helps me put things into perspective. Always learning from this site.

    1. Hi Dave–I can do that. Will put it in the additional links page on the right column in the next day or so.

  9. Hi alpha8.
    Thanks for checking up on this.
    I was referring to MTBCP. From QOL:
    MTBC, Inc., 11.00% Series A Cumul Redeem Perp Preferred Stock
    Ticker Symbol: MTBCP CUSIP: 55378G201 Previous CUSIP: 58464J204 Exchange: NCM
    Security Type: Traditional Preferred Stock

  10. Hi mikeo–I am going to do a bunch of stuff related to sorting–but it will probably be a few weeks or even months. When we set the sorting options up we weren’t precise in what we set up–and since it has not been a priority since that time (a year ago) we haven’t put our efforts there yet–but we will be doing so.

    1. Thank you for considering the request, and all your work here of course. Absolutely wonderful what you have accomplished with this site!

  11. Hey Tim…I was looking at the Master List of Utilities that you mentioned yesterday and noticed Duke-A is sporting an 8.25% coupon. While I wish that were true, shouldn’t the correct number be 5.75%?

  12. Tim and Ken, thanks for following up.
    Ken – yes, I was referring to the Master List – Ex-Dividend sheet.
    Tim, thanks for fixing that. I verify it looks accurate now.

    Tim – I also look at the stripped price and stripped yield (annual dividend / stripped price). That information may be a useful addition to the spreadsheets, though they’re useful even without it. They are easy to calculate on my own.

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