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Economic News Mixed—As Always

Well we had quite a bit of economic news released this morning–and like it has been for months and months some news was better than expected while other pieces of news were softer than expected. Looks like markets are ‘satisfied’ with the 10 year treasury off 5 basis points to 4.20%–are we headed back to the 3.80-4.20% range?

Initial jobless claims were pretty much on target. The Empire State manufacturing survey was stronger than expected—while the important retail sales numbers were soft–all in all mixed. Tomorrow we have producer prices which have a shot at moving the markets.

Today I will be doing nothing in the markets–I am out step with my ‘routine’–I had to do a 60 mile drive on icy roads at 7 a.m. and deal with a very ‘difficult’ divorce situation (client) – it turned out pretty messy as these things do on occasion so I am best not making investment decisions today.

4 thoughts on “Economic News Mixed—As Always”

  1. I feel for you, Tim.
    I have been dragged in to testify in several “family law” disputes over the years. They certainly can get messy – and every time I have wished I could just take a stick along and “convince” folks to be reasonable.

    So much time and effort wasted and the only ones benefiting are the lawyers.

    1. private — I normally handle disputes quite well but yesterday I blew my cork which is not the norm – the lawyer who I was working for was very apologetic–but yes lots of wasted time.

  2. Stay safe out there driving Tim.
    I passed on going to a funeral in Pa. Last month because of that. I remembered the last time. Us Californians don’t have the training

    1. Charles – it was our 1st real snow of the season (unbelievable in MN) and I managed to stay out of the ditch.

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