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Downtime Tonight

If things go as planned the site will be down tonight around 5 pm (central) for a few hours as the site will migrate to a new server–versus the shared server it has been on.

Of course I will post any changes in this schedule as they are known.

7 thoughts on “Downtime Tonight”

  1. Hello Tim,
    This comment doesn’t refer to the planned downtime. I’m relatively new to the website and am more than pleased to have found it. Could you tell me how I can find the thread for a particular preferred, to be more precise the thread for Altera’s now suspended preferreds which was intiated about 3-4 weeks ago. Thank you for your attention.


    1. Hi Stephan – glad to have you here. I see some of the folks have helped with some directions. There are not specific threads for each issuer or issue–but rather when I write about the issue folks chine in with comments. There are 2 boxes–one is for insertion of the ‘parent’ ticker to see the issue the parent has outstanding while the other can be used to search for anything on the website.

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