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CHS (Cenex Harvest States) is Rolling In Money

CHS, the giant Minnesota agricultural cooperative, must be rolling in the cash right now.

The cooperative has announced that member/owners will receive a giant sized $1 billion in ‘patronage’ and equity redemption payments this fiscal year (ending August 2023)–the most in the cooperative history.

CHS has numerous preferred issues outstanding which can be seen here. Most of these issues trade at a premium to liquidation value ($25).

The article can be seen here.

SEC filing is here.

3 thoughts on “CHS (Cenex Harvest States) is Rolling In Money”

  1. Really amazing compared to where they were during early covid days.
    Own a lot of CHSCM. If I remember correctly from their last annual meeting, it sounds like they’ll be redeeming the preferreds when they can.

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