CEF Priority Income Fund Prices a New Term Preferred

Closed end fund Priority Income Fund (non traded) has sold a new issue of term preferred stock with a mandatory redemption in 2026.

The new G issue has a coupon of 6.25% and the company sold 1.28 million shares with another 192,000 available for over allotment.

The press release can be found here.

Priority Income Fund has 6 other issues of term preferred outstanding now and they can be seen here.

EarlyBird had mentioned this one yesterday in the reader alerts section and I had written about it coming a week or two ago.

The pricing term sheet is here.

Further detail will be posted on this issue.

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    1. Hi John–did you change browsers? I only know that some browsers don’t pick them up for some reason. Normally you should get a question asking if you want to subscribe. Might want to clear your ‘cache’ and then see if it asks you the question about subscribing.

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