Brighthouse Financial Prices New Preferred Issue

Insurance and annuity provider, Brighthouse Financial Inc (BHF) has priced the previously announced preferred stock issue.

The issue prices at 4.625%.

The issue is non-cumulative, but qualified for preferential tax treatment.

The shares are split investment grade with S&P at BBB- , Moody’s at Ba2 and Fitch at BB+.

The issue will trade under BHFPV on the OTC exchange.

The pricing term sheet can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Brighthouse Financial Prices New Preferred Issue”

    1. Jos it is trading at Fidelity & Schwab since yesterday as BHFPV. QOL temp ticker is BHFAN.

      Surprised that it traded as low as $24.50, though being a perpetual may discourage some buyers. Or, it is the nonsense of changing tickers and ‘expert market’ (should be called stupid & confusing market!!!)

  1. seems to be trading under the temporary ticker BHFPV at Schwab & Fidelity. Many trades and last at $24.75

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