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Back on Seeking Alpha

As Gridbird mentioned in the comments I have published my 1st article on Seeking Alpha since 2019 and previous to that in 2016.

The article is here.

My intent on publishing there is to ‘represent’ a conservative viewpoint for preferred stocks and baby bonds. There are a couple really knowledgeable writers on there on these issues, but they always seem to be about ‘trading’–i.e. sell this issue to buy that issue.

It is likely I will publish very little on that platform, because I just don’t have the time–I already have a lot of ‘balls in the air’.

46 thoughts on “Back on Seeking Alpha”

  1. Concerning SA, as Larry mentioned I can no longer read a full article. Maybe been this way for a year or so. However, my profile and all my past comments are intact. Don’t really miss it. So much better info here on III. Thanks again Tim!!!

  2. Unable to read your article, blocked without upgrading . Is there another way to have access to your article. Thanks Tim for your excellent site.

    1. I finally got to read your article by logging out of their site and searching as a quest. Thanks for your good work.

    2. Also unable to read anything on SA , once I hit their “Limit” it has been 0 articles every since for several months. Did just fine without them before I knew of it and will do fine from now on, I feel to many authors were writing volumns of articles just to pump their paid subcrption services and the quality was getting much lower, if not down right misleading.

      1. William – I wrote on some of the same issues that I write about on this website – so if you have been around here much you know what I ‘talk’ about. I had a subscription on SA because I let some of the best folks there do my research on company’s that have preferreds and baby bonds outstanding.

  3. Tim-
    Well done- appreciate the article and all you do for us.
    At least they did let you mention III in your bio on SA.
    I’ve been buy some of all three that you mention- need more. They all are up nicely today.

    1. Martin–that pic is kind of old–not sure how old, but I have less hair now–but more wrinkles

  4. I remember your musings on those some of those folks.. guessing the r/e appraisal biz lull is giving you a little more time

    I guess I am a SA regular? w a score of 14+ ,I post links all the time.. so far anyway my link is ok as it was on a Dane article before where I linked III. I probably have linked III 30-50 times since you started in many articles.. I dont read ruda’s stuff so cant say on that one or thomas’s drool.. none of them have been banned? odd. I link other sites I use like Stockhouse, HotCopper and others..no issues.

    ((they use AI to judge a reader’s ‘value and number of articles read..I think it is a combo of being on the site, comments ( I am up to almost 10,000 since 2008- shut up Bea!! lol) and likes? not sure. We have discussed this here before. I guess they want people who are uber active and I am. This could change of course, they are always changing things-especially since Eli Hoffmann passed.

    They are not limiting me yet. I do not have premium or any services. I was gifted a service from a ‘friend’ and that did not work out so I do me..I have 20-30 sites saved for all the info I need tbh. Caregiving for mom has freed up so much time to look at what I love, investing and researching.

    well enough of that, back to my ‘job’ and my research. best to all always. Bea

    1. Randy-
      Schwab has always had problems bringing up symbols. Whether it’s the Classic
      (which I prefer because it shows LAST $, or the All in one trade ticket (which they say they have improved-ha! No Last $- so useless).
      The trick is to always click on the empty space below the sumbols that do come up ( or if none do)- that will bring it up. Try it with MGR.
      Of course for preferreds, they want a / or /pr after the symbol.

      1. Randy, Gary…. Suggest you check out StreetSmart Edge on Schwab. It is their server-based platform. It can be set up various ways so it takes a little familiarization time to get the setup the way you want. The set up I use has streaming quotes on watchlists with 13 columns: symbol, last, bid$/size, ask, last time, div yield, hi, lo, etc. the order ticket shows the last 16 trades size/price. Have 6 watchlists going, over 100 symbols, everything streaming. EZ access to regular browser-based website, no extra log in. Think you will like it…cheers

  5. Tim, as you know I discovered your writing and preferred stocks in general on SA over a decade ago. But since their curtailment of free access over two years ago, I can’t read _any_ articles there. Initially they promised 5 a month but I have not been able to read anything at all for over a year. And I’m not interested in playing games with clearing cookies or creating multiple trial logins. And I can’t be the only one having this problem. They have become useless to me, I don’t know how they are still in business. I urge you to cut ties with them.

    On the other hand, maybe they are paying you the money that you won’t accept from us. So… whatever.

    1. Larry you could use the private window search on just about any browser and read free articles. You usually have to log out of the private window and log back in to view another. They won’t let you view more than 1 without logging out. Then you shouldn’t have to clear cookies or creating multiple trial logins.

      1. Nope. I tried to open Tim’s link in a Firefox private window, and it blocks me with a banner “Create a free account to continue reading.”
        There used to be a hole where you could Select All and Copy a page before the banner came up, but they closed the hole awhile ago.
        Over the years, I gave them thousands of comments and argued with their idiot mods many many times when they blocked me after their worthless authors (Tim excluded) reported me. They are not worth my time.

        1. Hi Larry–good to hear from you. I have no idea what SA rules are now–I had been paying for a subscription until last week and now I see I get it for FREE since I wrote the article.

    2. FWIW – I am able to see all the non-premium SA articles without doing private windows, resetting cookies, or anything like that.
      I created a free account about 10 years ago (Back when Norm Roberts was providing so much entertainment), but I have never paid them a dime. However, it seems I can just cruise through articles all day. I don’t read SA much anymore, but I apparently can.

      I apparently can’t post comments any more because they want me to “authenticate” myself (even though I am logged in). I don’t want to do that because it might mess up my access, so I will just settle for not writing comments there (when I could comment, most got purged anyway).

      One thing that may be enabling my access is that I keep javascript off (mostly) in my firefox browser (using the NoScript extension) so SA may not be able to track me.

    3. Larry
      Hmm.. I was getting cutoff at a certain point every month, but not for the last couple, knock on wood. However, every couple days I have to log-in or use my google acct to log-in. Crazy crap.
      Maybe they are targeting you for some reason if they had a 5 article limit and then zero.

    4. Larry–no doubt they are a ‘business’–the way I look at it is I can choose who to follow–I follow just a handful of those I think present opportunities in my bailywick. I have paid for a subscription for quite a while — partially because I do some research there for this site–idea’s and details I’m too old to comprehend.

    5. I agree with larry,
      I’ve been cut off also and feel the same way…
      I’m done with SA…and all there reporting errors…
      I will miss a few writers but not many…

      I do appreciate innovativeincomeinvestor.com and all the work that Tim has done. I look forward to reading the site daily.


  6. Tim, nice short and sweet article.
    Yes save some time to enjoy some of that crisp clean air outside before all the leaves drop. Probably like the rest of us, your already raking them up. I have fig tree leaves all over the place.

    1. Thanks Charles–mine are always short–I don’t have the time or patience to go crazy. Too late for leaves in MN now as we just had 3″ of snow.

  7. Thank you Tim. In the SA article, the first reference to CMS 4.2% pfd (CMS-C) is incorrectly shown as CMSA, the 5.625% BB. Best regards, Boiler Up!

    1. Thanks GNG–either SA changed it or there system changed it as it was correct on submittal. Their system doesn’t handle baby bonds and preferred shares well. Boiler up!!

  8. I tried to compliment you on your article, Tim, but censors apparently didnt like the fact I mentioned people should go to your website and it never has went through.

      1. Yes, I tried that as well and comment was banned. a more generic comment was published.

      2. Just read your article Tim. Crisp, clean, logical, easy to read and neon-free!

        Appreciate you and “Innovative Income Investor” Tim!

        p.s. to all: Remember to click on the “Like” at the bottom of Tim’s article

    1. Grid, Much like they block comments containing links to Tipranks and references to previous wallet-thinning articles by Rid-a-Mor-a-your money.

      JMO, An online cartel, SA’s primary goal is to make money; its constituents are cannon fodder.

      1. Ha, Alpha, you cant even get a WPG mention in anymore…or PEI preferreds, or PTY at $20, or OXLCO 2022 pick of the year etc. Every now and then I can sneak an insult and it humors me that Penniless, or Moron has to take his hand out of the potato chip bag to get on keyboard to request a post removal.

          1. “stripped” clothes like the emperor? What a horrifying image, A…… ha- just teasing…….

          2. I see the resemblance! And I suspect he could easily tackle all those hamburgers in one sitting too. Assuming of course Pennyless doesnt grab them first. As it appears he knows a thing or to about drilling an extra hole in the belt, also.

    2. No worries Grid, the website is mentioned below every chart. And Tim has a few charts in there :>)

      1. Yes furcal–I am required to put the source of any charts etc in there–they are just snips of my spreadsheets.

        1. I understand Tim, but it also provides a link to this site so no need for Grid to fret about his post getting bonked.
          Thanks gain for the article.
          And good timing buying MGR earlier this month.

          1. Furcal, they block about half anyways so I am used to it, ha. But 2WR is now feeling the pain of his posts not seeing light of day. He must have zinged the mighty hBO portlies one too many times, lol.

  9. A welcome return.. watch out Tim, Brad will be begging you to join him..but we all know the answer to that query! Thanx again for helping us and especially for maintaining this awesome platform. Bea

    1. Bea–I’ve been approached a number of times in the past – I suspect they pay well – but there are only 24 hours in a day and I’m not highly money motivated.

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