Arbor Realty Trust Prices New Preferred Issue

Arbor Realty Trust (ABR) has priced their new preferred stock issue.

The issue prices at 6.25% for 5 million shares with another 750,000 available for over allotments.

The shares are cumulative, but non qualified and have the typical optional redemption date about 5 years from issuance (8/11/2026).

This issue trades immediately under OTC grey market ticker ABREV. Look for a potential change in this ticker.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

9 thoughts on “Arbor Realty Trust Prices New Preferred Issue”

  1. Price slowly drifting down. ABR-D holding up so I see no cause for concern. I bought more.

  2. Thanks for the info Tim!!!
    I appreciate the very timely information that you and your compadres provide.

    I bought a little ABREV at today’s low…


    1. FYI… 8/6/2021 after the end of the trading day…

      Schwab indicated that I bought ABREV but did not add it to my account, nor did they charge my account, saying I will own it “when issued”…

      I hope this get cleared up on Monday

  3. Just bought some to possibly flip also. Got it at $25.12. Close enough to par that I could hold it longer also. The 6.25% may look real nice in the near future the way things have been happening recently.

    1. Leo,
      I am buying to flip this issue.
      I reckon if the 6.375 % D ISSUE is trading at 25.66 and yielding just pennies more than the E issue (at earliest call date), then price wise, the E should be at 25.45 in 2-3 weeks.
      So, I’m just looking to make 1% at the minimum.

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