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Another Good Day for Income Issues

With the 10 treasury off about 10 basis points today and common stocks essentially flattish preferreds and baby bonds are having another decent day.

Almost all preferreds and baby bonds have had superb gains in the last month – around 5%. One might think most of the bargains are gone–BUT there are plenty of opportunities still out there.

If you have never downloaded the sortable master list it is a good place to be able to peruse the entire universe of what is available I would suggest you do so. You can sort the sheet in a bunch of different ways. You will need to have Google Sheets to use it.

The sortable master list link is always under ‘additional links’ – if you break your copy you can come back for a new copy.

12 thoughts on “Another Good Day for Income Issues”

  1. Tim…Your the Best ,, all my pandemic purchases ,,are up… this site, is a great help .. Enjoy, your weekend.
    …….Thank you ,,,, Georges

    1. There are some 50/100/1000 dollar issues listed here:


      But frankly I think that sortable sheet is designed more for main stream 25 issues. Adding in 50/100/1000s would throw off the calcs and make it harder to maintain.

      But yea.. There are still quite a few preferred we can buy that are rarely discussed or mentioned in people’s organized lists. Most are not 25 par or trade on the OTC.

        1. There is one issue I was smart enough not to buy due to being overpriced as well as a really really good chance of being redeemed.

          Sometimes I think about buying some of those low coupon preferred from them and hope they get redeemed but it just does not make much sense right now.

    2. Mike he probably doesnt catch all the OTC issues especially the goofy $50 ones. Prologis delisted this years ago. Funny how people are. Shares were laying there for the taking at $54.75 and going exD in 2 weeks for several days. But people wait and then start buying several thousand of them at $55.75. I would have bought more, but belch, I was personal limit stuffed already.

      1. Grid–I’ll check it out and see if I can put it on the oddball 50/100/1000 page.

    3. Hi Mike—as mentioned by fc and Grid below there are some oddballs not there–could even be a couple non oddballs that I missed (it is a lot of work keeping all my spreadsheets update to 100% perfect). Yes mainly covers $25 exchange traded issues. fc linked some oddballs below which I don’t follow close.

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