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A Reminder on Data Location

2whiteroses reminded me that I need to point out where data I have on the website can be found.

On the top of the page if you click ‘Baby Bonds‘ a page with all the baby bonds comes up – straightforward.

Less straightforward is the “Preferred” tab. Here you find the data on all the preferred stocks–diced many, many ways. Most are further sortable by current yield as well as alphabetical.

There is also a tab in the right hand margin that is ‘sortable spreadsheet’. This spreadsheet runs on Google Sheets and you must have an Google account as it will not run on Excel. This list is sortable in many ways–by sector, investment grade or not etc. You need to ‘make a copy’ for your own use.

So there is more data than can possibly utilized by an individual–but most of us have favorites we like and those pages can be bookmarked by you.

5 thoughts on “A Reminder on Data Location”

  1. Tim,

    Your wonderful site previously allowed me to type a ticker symbol in the “search securities” bar on my phone, and I could find all comments on that particular symbol. Has that been eliminated? I hope not.
    Leslie Joy

    1. Leslie, I believe you’re looking for what I call the open search box, which has now moved below the Twitter feed. So there are two search boxes in the right nav:

      a) Parent Ticker search. This one’s above Tim’s twitter feed.
      b) Open search. This one’s just below Tim’s twitter feed. You have to scroll down a ways to find it.

      I always use the open search, because it is less constrained.

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