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When Fear Overtakes You

We know there are people that are very scared at this time–whether they are conservative investors or not.

No matter how great the bargains are in the market, folks that are laying awake at night because of fear of their ‘stash’ disappearing must do some thoughtful selling–it is human nature, and laying awake at night is not necessary – one has to do what they have to do.

I’m scared, but I am trying to stay mainly in either high quality, or very short duration (term preferreds and short dated baby bonds). While I may sustain some short term asset value hits I believe in the end it will work out because of high quality.

If one leaves the market the problem is when to get back in. I believe there are quite a few folks that left the market in the 2009-2010 that never re-entered which was a costly move, but folks have to sleep at night so everyone must do what they have to do.

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