WesBanco Prices New Preferred–(Update) Ticker Announced

The OTC ticker has been announced as WSBKL.

Banker WesBanco (WSBC) has priced the previously announced Fixed-Rate Reset preferred stock.

The issue is priced with an initial coupon of 6.75% which will remain in effect until 11/14/2025. On 11/15/2025 the coupon will reset to the 5 year treasury, plus a fixed spread of 6.557%.

The issue is non-cumulative, but qualified. It is rated BBB- by Kroll Bond Rating Service.

The OTC temporary ticker has not yet been posted–we will be watching for it.

The pricing term sheet can be seen here.

18 thoughts on “WesBanco Prices New Preferred–(Update) Ticker Announced”

  1. Hi , does anybody knows what is the story with CHS Inc Reset Rate Cum Red Pfd B Series 3–CHSCM?
    Thank you !
    Stay safe and healthy
    God bless!

    1. danny, you may want to use this site’s search function (top right magnifying glass). Enter CHS. The most recent discussions:
      I suggest a second search for CHSCM.
      You may want to check share price drop back last March in relation to siblings or others you may be considering.
      Best regards,
      No. 12

      1. Thank you , Green-n-gold…what exactly do I have to ck for? I am new here , can you please help?
        Stay safe and healthy
        God bless

      1. Sometime around 1 or 2pm central time, I was able to place an order on TDA. Earlier, I could see a quote but not place an order. Anyway, I nibbled and got a small amount at 25.50.

  2. Schwab quote shows 35,500 shares traded. Bid $25.25 Ask $25.40

    Not currently tradeable.

    1. Still not tradeable on Schwab but the current price is $25.40 with 125,000 shares traded.

      I will pass. Above my price range.

    1. My Ally brokerage has this buyable already, probably since first trade. They would let you buy a dog turd if it has a US ticker assigned to it. No interest here as I am not willing to add to my financials, and unwilling to sell any of the few ones I currently have.

        1. Jay, I actually bought more a couple weeks ago, at 25.20 or so sold them on a very quick spike around 25.80 and then bought them back within a day or two at $25.17. I have 500 shares, not betting the farm here, but after reading more about the bank and its performances and true physical locations, I kinda like it and will hold. Im no bank analyst and its a high risk bucket purchase, but I really dont think its high risk, even though I slot it there.
          As a side note, the first divi is a partial coming soon, and this creates a false lower annual yield as most sites arent factoring this in with their yield on price.

      1. Don’t be so hasty Grid.

        I hear Rida says Dog Turd is a hidden gem and you should scoop it up while its hot…

        SYMBOL – TRD

        He is also high on CRAP.

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