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Wells Fargo & Company Prices New Preferred Issue

Giant banker Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) has priced a new issue of preferred stock.

The company has priced 50 million shares with a coupon of 4.25%.

The issue is non-cumulative, qualified and split investment grade (BB+ from S&P and Baa2 from Moody’s).

WFC has a number of issues outstanding and the proceeds of this new issue may be used for a future redemption.–the outstanding issues can be seen here. WFC-O is a 5.125% issue which has been redeemable since 12/2017 and likely will be called effective 9/15/2021

The issue trades immediately on the OTC grey market under ticker WFPDV.

The preliminary prospectus is here.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

17 thoughts on “Wells Fargo & Company Prices New Preferred Issue”

  1. I’ve had a new experience. I bought this at 24.92 the day before the OTC symbold changed from WFPDV to WFPDP. The shares now are listed in my Schwab account as “NO NUMBER Wells Fargo 4.25% PFXXX” but with a current value of $0.00. Also, the money for the purchase has not been deducted from my cash account. Hey, Schwab, do I own this stuff or not?

    1. You will probably have to call Schwab and raise hell. They did the same thing to me with the Stifel preferred last week. Stayed broken for several days. Phone reps kept saying “it will work itself out within 30 days” (like I was going to wait 30 days). I kept pushing and finally got to talk to someone who is actually in trade support, and he said it would never fix itself without someone in Schwab taking action. He did, and it was fixed overnight.

      I think this new thing of changing the temp symbol within a few hours of initial trading is not something schwab is used to, so it is a manual fix.

    1. Well they took that offer. Now lets see if they will give me a bit more at 24.88. Not the greatest offering but money does have to work while I sleep.

      1. Heck.. they even took my last offer at 24.85. All set with this puppy for a long time. I needed more boring to be honest. Too much stretching lately.

        Did anyone snag lower?

  2. WFC-X (5.5% coupon) can be called beginning 9/15/21 and it is a higher coupon than the 5.125% coupon WFC-O.

    1. When comparing wfpdv with wfc-l, I don’t understand why one is yielding ~4.25% and the other close to 5%. Both are perennials,but wfpdv is callable on 2026, and Wfc-l is convertible, but practically is not.

      Is the callable vs theoretically convertible the reason for the difference? How? And why should one prefer wfpdv over wfc-l?

      Any explanations from the III experts appreciated.

      1. I will try. First it is a 1000 par issue. They are not popular. Second, it has added complexity to it. Third, people don’t like to pay much over par. Paying 50% over par is like poison to them.

        I feel those are the main reasons and understanding the fine print is your edge over others. With that said I bought some of the new wfc preferred and I own wfc-l as well. I just feel that when wfc-l goes over 1500 I am over paying. It is getting popular again. 1430ish I like it better. I imagine in the next 12 months it will cycle lower again.

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