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Watching Paint Dry Today

I have done nothing at all today–have not even opened my accounts (I have them all of a google sheet so don’t have to open them)—but I know they are red again–nearing a low for the year.

Equities and treasury yields are barely moving in either direction–getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Any sign of slowing inflation tomorrow can send markets sharply higher–wish I could say I was expecting softness in the CPI, but realistically I don’t see it.

Just now stocks are moving as the FOMC minutes have been released. Since I seldom have CNBC on during the day I won’t hear all the blabbering about what is in it–they will talk a lot and say nothing.

6 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry Today”

  1. i bought my first tranche of NYCB.PU today. I fully expect it to go lower into the 41.00 range but who knows? better to take a nibble now. I also picked up some UBP.PH may be my last buy in the REIT section

  2. In terms of CNBC, they actually do say things. Enough to really screw-up your thinking with the incessant pounding of whatever is the theme (fear/narrative) of the instant.

    I cannot watch CNBC anymore. On jobs day and inflation day, I may watch Bloomberg TV but only for an hour or so.

  3. Bought a little NLY-I and a little SLMBP researching after reading a post here. Sold remaining RITM-B for RITM-D. Swapped half my TWO-B for TWO-A. Traded some Gold for Silver. oh and sold 100 FGBIP high got 47 low. Penny ante stuff adding up while losing on the price drops.

  4. Wont’ the CPI print tomorrow basically let us calculate what the next variable rate will be for I-Bonds?

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