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Time to End The Forum

Well I thought it was a good idea at the time–but obviously I was wrong.

I am pulling the forum offline sometime today.

There is nothing worth using there–this was supposed to be the latest and greatest forum–but it lets spam through and removes regular posters as spam.

Sorry all for the failed experiment.

Back to the drawing board.

29 thoughts on “Time to End The Forum”

  1. If anyone wants a laugh, check out the advertising spam that hit the Forum section (before Tim pulls the plug on it). That SuperVoiceChanger product looks like great fun.

  2. I also wanted to express my appreciation of the site and the work that goes into maintaining it.

  3. I am very grateful for your comments about BDCs folks. They were very helpful.
    And of course thanks to Tim for this wonderful site; and sorry for the offtopic in the thread )))

  4. This is such a great site. It feels like a refuge at times….
    Many many thanks, Tim. It is so appreciated.

  5. Tim–although I’m glad you removed the forum, I very much appreciate your site and your efforts to improve it. I am more of a buy and hold investor. In this difficult interest rate market, I have invested in many off-the-wall/unknown-to-me preferred stocks posted by you and others on your site. I feel grateful to you and all the other active posters on III.

  6. I’m glad the forum is gone too. The couple times I browsed through, I just kept wondering how much more complicated it made the site – now I have to look in even more places to try and find the info I was after.

  7. Guys, there on the forum someone wrote about BDCs. I remember only Owl Rock (ORCC), maybe the one who wrote there about them will see this post – then please repeat the rest of them here.

    1. the only other one i recall was ARCC, which I have. Did not recognize any
      of the others. Also have MAIN and PFLT.

    2. Yurily…. I wrote some on the forum about BDCs, and have spent a good amount of time on them, plus have a substantial part of my portfolio invested there. Happy to share my thoughts.

      My holdings are GBDC, ARCC, ORCC, TSLX. There are a few others I would own at the right price.

      1. Mike D – And well worth the subscription if you want in depth and up to date analysis of BDCs including the status of the underlying companies each BDC invests in…. It’s the only subscription service I have paid for… He also publishes which stocks he’s invested in and also if he owns their debt… responsive to subscribers too…….how he keeps up with all he does is beyond me…

        1. 2WR – These are the 4 BDCs I have been comfortable owning. ARCC has been a 8 or 9 year hold. The others just 2 or 3 years


          Just curious if you have any insight from bdcreporter what their current thinking is. I have been debating whether to lighten up on MAIN and TSLX (just sell some) and possibly move more funds into ARCC and NEWT. Thanks

          1. Over the years, I’ve mostly owned baby bonds only due to my conservative side, but willingness to take some credit risks…. I’ve mostly used SAR, CSWC, NEWT, TSLX but also various others to take advantage of special stories when they came up (such as knowing that some BBs would have to be called due to specific language in the prospectus) if the company wished to adopt the newer coverage ratios allowed). I’ve never used MAIN because it’s always been priced to perfection imho therefore had more reasons to go down than up… that’s been a contrary opinion for sure.. Marsi’s most recent updates on MAIN are on Jan 2o and 14. I do not see a specific write up on Sixth Street since October 15 and that surprises me….. BTW, the MAIN article is not behind the paywall – https://bdcreporter.com/2021/01/main-street-capital-ivq-2020-update-on-private-loan-portfolio/

            1. I subscribe to BDC Buzz (also my only paid subscription) and it paid for itself the first month (it was a good month for BDC beta). I do not own MAIN. Dividend coverage the last 4 quarters has been bad and trading at 50% premium to NAV. People love monthly dividend payers, but I can find better value in other places. If it were below $25, maybe. Just my $0.02

            2. 2WR – thanks. Yeah, that is the one thought I have on MAIN now – but it has usually always been priced for perfection (except when you could pick up shares a lot lower during the covid crash). I have a mix of shares from a few years ago and a bunch from the spring crash so I am debating whether I should reallocate some of those funds

              Problem is I have nothing compelling on my buy radar right now


      2. Scott Kennedy publishes some in depth stuff on specific bdcs and bdc buz has been a regular contributor. Marshi is a bit more high brow.

        Two that have not been mentioned here are capital southwest which has been very interesting and newt. Newt which deals with small firms but is very interesting as well. Of the two, capital southwest is probably the more stable but both are worth a check. Good luck SC

    3. My BDCs are : ARCC, MAIN, NEWT, HTGC. I consider them part of my holdings under ‘financials’ although compared to traditional bank and insurance stocks, I find BDCs higher yielding but more volatile.

  8. Hey, Tim, was a good idea, don’t feel bad, can’t get a hit with every at bat. III is still the best of its kind.

  9. I wonder how much of the problem was on the back end. Mobile devices and VPNs can play havoc with user recognition interfaces.

  10. At the time, I made the comment that I like things the way they were, so I’m not unhappy.

    The site is A+ as is as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the good work.

  11. Oh. so mine was seen as spam. I tried everything I could, and was wondering why or what was wrong with my computer 🙂

    1. Yes it was–a bunch of them–sorry I have no idea why that forum did that–but I am not going to ride a lame horse too long–so off it goes.

    2. Aha! I kept beating my head against the wall over the weekend trying to post in response to forum questions…

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