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This Too Shall Pass

Well it looks like another day to review your holdings–I did it multiple times yesterday, but didn’t find anything to sell. I will do it again today–probably twice.

No doubt the economy will be hurt by the corona virus reaction–and the odds that you will find me buying any preferreds from lodging REITs in the next few weeks is pretty small, BUT for those with a bit more taste for risk than I have we may be seeing some good bargains out there.

With the lodging REITs and many of the shippers I don’t think there is a reason to rush into any bargain buying–I would suggest that folks ‘leg into’ new positions (this really goes toward everything right now). If your normal full positions is 500 shares buy 200 shares first and wait a few days or weeks before committing new funds.

I realize that at this point in time in the market drop there are some folks that think the ‘world is going to end’–and they may be laying awake at night with worry. There is a point–and each and every investor is different–where you raise more cash. Investors don’t have to make any excuses to anyone on this website if they feel the need to do a bit more selling. For the same reason that I don’t make buy or sell recommendations, I don’t tell folks they should be holding securities in difficult markets. Everyone needs to do what is best in their mind for themselves–if that means 50% cash–so be it.

Keep your cool, stay sane and protect your ‘stash’ in the best way that you know how.

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