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The King of ‘At the Money’ Offerings Keeps Right on Going

CLO (collateralized debt obligations) owner Oxford Lane Capital Company (OXLC) updated their ‘at the money’ stock sales today.

From 6/4/2020 to 12/3/2021 41.2 million shares have been sold leaving the company with 122.8 million shares outstanding.

When OXLC went public in January 2011 they sold around 2 million shares for $20/share– now the common shares trade at $7.82.

Honestly I just love how they are able to continually sell common shares–it creates the ‘coverage ratio’ on their leverage providing holders of ‘senior securities’ (debt and/or preferred stock) a level of safety.

Disclosure– I own OXLC securities.

3 thoughts on “The King of ‘At the Money’ Offerings Keeps Right on Going”

  1. Tim, you state you are a conservative investor. How safe to you feel OXLC preferreds. Just your opinion not asking for advice.

    1. JB/AZ–I won them all–not because I love them, but I have been ‘forced’ through lack of quality items. I watch their coverage ratios closely. I would not own a perpetual preferred from them if they sold one, but the term preferreds and baby bonds I feel compelled to hold.

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