Still Awaiting Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Pricing

I have not yet seen any pricing on the new Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) preferred issue..

I have noted that since the start of the pandemic that pricing is slower as is the movement from the OTC grey market to the permanent exchange. Some of the new issues are taking a month or more to move to their permanent exchange–typically it would be a week to 10 days.

8 thoughts on “Still Awaiting Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Pricing”

    1. I believe the only other BIP issue is BIPC, which are common shares,
      while the proposed new issue is a preferred one.

        1. Canadian currency. To me very smart because I believe the dollar is going to weaken but I have enough Canadian issues for now.

  1. No pricing coming.. Underwriters not interested in holding the bag with a 5.50 K-1 coupon so deal was “postponed”

    1. Wise decision. I know even though I like and own various Brookfield stock, I would not be a buyer of this preferred under 6% (and ideally mid 6’s)

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