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Sortable Spreadsheet Access Fixed

My apologies to those that have tried to access the sortable spreadsheet. After a security incident a week ago I had to go to my back up copy of the sortable sheet and in the process did not get the setting right—i.e. folks didn’t have easy access.

I hopefully have fixed the setting and those that follow the instructions here should now have easy access once again.

6 thoughts on “Sortable Spreadsheet Access Fixed”

  1. Sortable Spreadsheet…

    Tim, thanks for sharing this data!

    One question, in the daily change column, N/A & # N/A symbols are chronically listed for several preferred stocks. Is this something that needs adjusting or is it meaningful to the associated preferred?

    Thanks again!

    1. Newbie–unfortunately these symbols are not currently provided by Google. A couple months ago Google screwed up their quote server and ever since they do not have quotes for dozens and dozens of symbols. I have a ‘workaround’ to get the quotes from another source, but I am unable to get the ‘change’ for those symbols. When/if google ever gets their act together the ‘change’ cell will work again.

      1. I’d love to know what the workaround is for my personal spreadsheet if you ever have time to post it.

        1. lukkyseven – I don’t want to post it, because we will end up in a yahoo situation. Yahoo doesn’t want people scraping their data and the more than do it the more Yahoo makes changes. I have watched some folks chase their tail trying to keep up with Yahoo who obviously doesn’t want scrapers.

        2. Alternatives to Google end of day (EOD) quotes are available from:

          Both sites offer several tiers of priced products but also offer a free tier.

          eodhistoricaldata.com offers the ability to directly input data to a preexisting google sheet. The free tier is limited to 20 quotes a day.

          eoddata.com offers the ability to download the supposedly entire listing of various exchanges (i.e NYSE, AMEX & NASDAQ). This service is available on the free tier and enables one to download over 10,000 EOD quotes (OHLC & vol) from the three main U.S. exchanges in seconds. This data can be utilized in any spreadsheet (Google, Excel etc) with a little spread sheet know-how. The free tier limits data downloads to after 9 PM, fine for me as being in Thailand that is morning coffee time.

          For Linux command line interface (CLI) users the following open source programs are recommended.

          For an incredible amount of equity data try my.openbb.co/app/terminal (open source Bloomberg Terminal). It is available for Windows, MACOS and Linux. IMHO it is a several hour operation to install/configure and has a steep learning curve due to its command line interface (no GUI) but the amount and breath of information is amazing.

          Regards from Thailand.

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