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9 thoughts on “Soluna Holdings Selling More Preferred Stock”

  1. Tim, I have set aside my annual gift to III, but don’t know where or how to send it! I am sure many other III’ers want to do the same. We need to reward your efforts. If you don’t want or need any beer/wine/cheese funds, you could designate a charity that we would be happy to fund.

    Best of holidays to you and all III’ers. . . .

    1. Haha DaddyDollars–I don’t–it is just a drain on my resources. I am just a fan of these securities and I have something to do with my spare time (of which I have none). Don’t know how long you have been around, but in 2006 I started a site–“the Yield Hunter”. I ran that until 2015 and then it was sold to Eagle Financial (a division of Salem Media). Over those years it provided lots of cash (through advertising)–I think in the 10 years it was in the neighborhood of 1/4 million. So I simply have reinvested in this site a small bit of the proceeds.

      1. Thank You Tim, and I wish for you, and for your family, the best and happiest holidays ever.

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