Charah Solutions Inc 8.50% Senior Notes Due 2026

On and after 8/31/2023 optional redemption is at 103% until 8/30/24. On and after 8/31/2024 until 8/30/2025 redemption is at 102%. On and after 8/31/2025 redemption is at 100%

Gladstone Investment Corporation 4.875% Notes Due 2028

Ramaco Resources Inc 9.00% Senior Notes Due 2026

B Riley Financial Inc 5.25% Senior Notes Due 2028

Bonus for early redemption. If called on or after 8/31/2023 and prior to 8/31/2024 the redemption is $25.75 plus accrued and unpaid interest. If called on or after 8/31/2024 and prior to 8/31/2025 the redemption is at $25.50 plus accrued and unpaid interest. If called on or after 8/31/2025 but before 8/31/2026 the call is at $25.25 plus accrued but unpaid interest. After 8/31/2026 standard terms apply

Affiliated Managers Group 4.20% Junior Subordinated Notes due 2061

We may defer interest payments on the Notes on one or more occasions for up to 20 consecutive quarterly periods per deferral period as described in this prospectus supplement. Deferred interest payments will accrue additional interest at a rate equal to the interest rate then applicable to the Notes, compounded quarterly, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Arlington Asset Investment Corp 6.00% Senior Notes due 2026

Globe Life Inc. 4.25% Junior Subordinated Debentures Due 2061