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NewtekOne Inc. 8.00% Fixed Rate Senior Notes due 2028

Gladstone Capital Corporation 7.75% Notes Due 2028

Whitehorse Finance Inc. 7.875% Notes due 2028

Apollo Global Management 7.625% Fixed-Rate Resettable Jr Subordinated Notes due 2053

Coupon is fixed at 7.625% until 12/14/2028. On 12/15/2028 the coupon resets to the 5 year treasury plus a spread of 3.226% reset every 5 years.

Interest payments may be deferred up to 5 years on 1 or more occasions without being in default
Redemption can only take place in the 3 month period before a coupon reset

Great Elm Capital Corp 8.75% Notes Due 2028

Harrow Health Inc 11.875% Senior Notes Due 2027

Prior to 12/31/2024 the notes can be redeemed at $25 plus a make whole premium. On and after 12/31/2024 and prior to 12/31/2025 for $25.50. On and after 12/31/2025 and prior to 12/31/2026 they may be redeemed for $25.25. On and after 12/31/2026 notes can be redeemed for $25.

Capital Southwest Corporation 7.75% Notes Due 2028

Gladstone Investment Corporation 8% Notes due 2028

This issue has a ticker which has been used before thus the chart below is correct only from approximately 6/1/2023 forward

Capital Southwest Corporation 7.75% Notes due 2028

Atlas Corporation 7.125% Senior Notes due 10/2027