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VEREIT, Inc., 6.70% Series F Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock

This issue was originally issued by American Realty Capital Properties (name was changed to VEREIT).

4 million shares were redeemed on 7/5/2019.

8 million shares will be redeemed on 12/21/2019.
As of 12/31/2019 there are 30.9 million shares outstanding per the company.

6/23/2020 The company has announced they will be redeeming 6 million shares on 7/22/2020. This will leave approximately 24.9 shares outstanding

The company has announced they will redeem 6 million shares on 9/20/2020. This will leave 18.9 million shares outstanding

12/16/2020 The company announced the redemption of 4 million more shares effective on 1/15/2021. This will leave about 14.9 million shares outstanding

VEREIT is being acquired by Realty Income and all shares are being redeemed

Gladstone Commercial Corp., 7.00% Series D Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock