Saratoga Investment Corporation 7.25% Notes Due 2025

Fidus Investment Corporation 5.375% Notes Due 2024

Gladstone Capital Corporation 5.375% Notes Due 2024

Investcorp Credit Management BDC, Inc. 6.125% Notes due 7/1/2023

Originally sold by CM Finance

An additional 600,000 shares sold 10/18/2019

Pennant Park Investment 5.50% Notes due 2024

OFS Capital Corporation 5.95% Notes Due 2026

Newtek Business Services 5.75% Notes Due 2024

Great Elm Capital Corp 6.50% Notes Due 2024

Whitehorse Finance, Inc. 6.50% Notes due 2025

Oxford Square Capital Corp 6.50% Notes due 2024

Previously was TICC Capital Corp.

Prospect Capital Corporation 6.875% Notes due 2029

Fidus Investment Corporation 6.00% Notes due 2024

Gladstone Capital Corporation 6.125% Notes due 2023

OFS Capital Corporation 6.50% Notes due 2025

Medley LLC 7.25% Notes Due 2024

Great Elm 6.75% Notes due 2025

Capitala Finance Corp 6.00% Notes due 2022

First Eagle Alternative (was THL Credit) 6.125% Notes due 2023

THL Credit was purchased by First Eagle on 2/3/2020. The ticker for this issue was changed.

New Mountain Finance Corp 5.75% Notes due 2023

On 9/14/2020 the ticker changed on this baby bond from NMFX to NMFCL as issue moved from the NYSE to NASDAQ

Monroe Capital Corp 5,75% Notes due 2023

MRCC reopened this issue on 3/22/2019 with the sale of an additional 1.6 million shares

Hercules Capital 6.25% Notes due 2033

Capitala Finance Corp. 5.75% Convertible Notes due 2022

Even though we show a 1st call date of anytime–there is NO early call.

Saratoga Investment Corp 6.25% Notes due 2025

Saratoga has reopened this issue on 1/31/2019 for a sale of an additional sale of 805,000 shares

Gladstone Investment 6.375% Series E Cumulative Term Preferred Stock due 2025

If this issue is not redeemed at mandatory redemption time the coupon shall increase by 3%