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Reader Initiated Alerts Back ‘Open’

My apologies to all the folks that told me that this page had ‘comments closed’-obviously being old and I guess feeble minded it took me a while to figure this out.

There are 2 potential issues that could be occurring when this happens–I fixed one right away–totally zoning out on the 2nd issue until Bur Davis mentioned it again this morning.

Anyway it is now fixed.

9 thoughts on “Reader Initiated Alerts Back ‘Open’”

  1. Hi Tim,
    I really appreciate all the time you put into the site. It is a great resource.

    Just a suggestion about the website (not sure where else to put it). Not a criticism, just something to consider.

    One challenge when reading posts is to keep track of threads. I know the site tries to link them by indenting, but it doesn’t always work well (from a readers point of view), esp. when the original post is old, or there are lots of intervening posts. I have seen a growing number of posts about “which post are you talking about” or “which stock are you talking about?”. Improved threading might help with that.

    One feature that might help is to put a link in a new post to the post it is responding to. SiliconInvestor site (which has essentially no other threading) does this in a really simple way – by just putting a link after the person’s name. You can see an example here https://www.siliconinvestor.com/readmsg.aspx?msgid=33240656

    I realize you are probably on a VERY different code base, but it might be worth mentioning to your programmer to think about.

  2. Tim,
    I want to give a cheer for all you do. You gave me the best advice on Glacier way back in 2014
    Of course I was and still am using their vending machines and that is when the light came on.

  3. Tim, please consider adding a “donate now” link. Even though you do not currently need any funds, III readers have a moral obligation to contribute something. Even if the money goes to a charity, III’ers would still give in appreciation for all of your work.

    Also, I have decided you have personal Beta of >1.0. The New York Times recently had a story detailing how home appraisals were at record levels in 2020. Both home sales were booming in addition to refinances which require a new appraisal. Good time to be in the business.

    The downside would be IF and it is a big IF, long term rates go materially higher. Refinancing would go to zero and new sales would be hurt. We all forget how home affordability is closely correlated to loan rates. 10 year US treasury rates going up make mortgage rates go up and reduces the number of people that can get a mortgage. And higher rates will give downward pressure on preferreds/babys. So you AGI might take a hit at the same time your brokerage accounts take a hit. . .

    Whether the Fed/Treasury will let this occur is unknowable at this point. But we have to admit it is a possible outcome. . .

  4. Has the “errors and omissions” section gone away permanently Tim?

    That seemed like a useful place to post such things in the past.

    1. Tim, given that you maintain this website on a part time basis and all that we pay you for the information you provide, you do a Fantabulous job and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Signed: A Long Time Member of your Fan Club.

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