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Pretty Quiet Waiting on Inflation Data

We are awaiting economic news at 7:30 am (central) and markets are currently pretty quiet.

The personal consumption expenditures (PCE) is forecast to show year over year inflation at 4.7% which would match last months reading. The core reading is forecast to show a .4% rise compared to .6% last month. This number could put the fed in a real pickle – a hot number begs for more interest rate increases, but with the banking situation a rise of more than 1/4 basis point at the next meeting (May 2-3) is pretty dangerous.

Here is the balance of todays economic news.

As with most days I have no plans to do anything at all today–I have just the 1 open good-til-cancelled buy order and it is more than $1 away from my buy price.

Today we have a blizzard warning in Minnesota – I have had it with this winter–March 31 and we still have a 4′ high pile of snow at the end of the driveway. Certainly we will get no sympathy from the folks out west in the mountains. In mid January we spent a week in Palm Springs–one of our favorite spots and with the benefit of hindsight I wish we would have delayed until February or gone again in March.

Well let’s get this day rolling see if things get crazy or remain calm.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Quiet Waiting on Inflation Data”

  1. If you prefer, I don’t have a tweak account but wanted to read it. Wanted me to sign up and give my age and promised not to share it. Yeah right
    I had switch for the phone to the computer to read and not a lot of info anyway.
    The Coamerica bond mentioned on this site was down to 13% YTM this morning

    1. I have an old account there, just saying. In 2021-2022 the ‘influencers’ were out in force getting paid even to pump and dump common shares. One of my friends daughter’s boyfriend was all over DWAC. They quoted me the hype. ‘The lawyer for XXX was getting ready to buy $$$# based on a news item about to hit the tapes.

      It was shades of penny stock garbage from 30 years ago. I’ve been around the blocks enough to call BS when I see it. Anytime a person has a cute name its a big warning sign to me. It’s shades of Wayne Allan root warning. He was a bookie and explained the ins and outs of how experts pretend to be right.

      I’m not sayimg the chart was wrong. I’m saying that out of context charts offered by someone pretending to know is a big warning sign.

  2. So that’s why they are up 1.75% today? Any financial info taken from tweaker is suspect.

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