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3 thoughts on “Plymouth REIT to Redeem Preferred Shares”

  1. Search the page below for PLYM and you can see the discussion we had back in 2022. A couple of posters were quite accurate with their predictions. I have to admit I was hoping it would turn out to be called in early 2024.


    I managed to collect 6 dividends with the first paying for the price I paid above 25 per share and the rest was gravy. Now I have to figure out what to buy with the proceeds that pays > 7.5% for non-qdi payment. In this env it is not terribly difficult for similar risk.

    1. Not quite 7.5%, but lots of solid deals exist in REITS prefs for solid companies.

      RPT-D, CSR-C, LXP-C, UPB-K

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